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Product & Custom Stock Photography Services



✓ An expert in your field and a master at your craft but know that your visual branding could use some TLC and be handed over to the branding pros.

✓ Struggling to keep up appearances in the online space and feeling like competitors are always one step ahead when it comes to visual content.

✓ Scared of feeling like one in a sea of many and not standing out from the crowd because of your visual content online.

✓ Ready to hire a professional who understands the essence of your brand, the connection you desire with your audience, and the ability to bring it to life through custom branding.

Imagine this:

✨ Imagine waking up to Instagram notifications filled with appreciation of your beautiful visual content

✨ Imagine being able to post without worrying about curating images and just getting to focus on what you need to say to your audience

✨ Imagine having streamlined branding on all corners of your online presence from your website to your social channels to your emails.

✨ Imagine seeing your products or services brought to life in a stock image that no one else has access to except you and your brand. 

✨ Imagine saving SO much time and money from curating photos and buying props or scheduling multiple photographers and having your images all in one place.


Allowed my creative juices to flow again!

"I absolutely love the beautiful pictures Claire made for me. When the pictures came in, they not only brightened my week, but also immediately allowed my creative juices to flow again. My mind is already working on so many ways to use them!"

Morgan Moss

Inked Goddess Creations


Custom stock photos in your brand colors:

20 images: $597
40 images: $697

Professional photos of your products:
(oracle card decks, planners, books, shop items etc..)

20 images: $697
40 images: $797
60+ images: $997


✓ 60+images
✓ 5 x 15 sec video clips
✓ hand model


All prices include:

✓ Fully edited custom stock photos in your brand colors & style
✓ Mix of flat lays, portrait & landscape orientations
Online Gallery
✓ Commercial license

*Please note custom stock photos are styled flatlays, desktops and scenes and do not include models and outdoor or rental locations.


I saw a return on my investment with the up-leveling of my brand awareness immediately!

"Being a member of Inspired Stock Shop I saw so much value in the membership and all that was provided that it blew my mind. So I went ahead and ordered custom photos from Claire to match my brand guidelines and color palette. I am so glad I got the custom photos done and now use them on my social media, newsletter, class materials and presentations!"

Danielle Searancke

Squamish Medium



First step is to fill out my client intake form so I can get to know you & your business. We'll then book a day on my calendar which I dedicate to creating your images.



Send me your brand guide so I can source props in your brand colors. If you have any products that you'd like included now is the time to ship them to me.



Your photos are creatively styled, photographed and edited with your target audience in mind and how they will connect to your brand.

It's finally time to take the leap and let your brand shine ✨

Created specifically for spiritual businesses who are ready for inspired branding

If you already know and love the aesthetic of The Inspired Stock Shop then think of these as your very OWN stock photos with all of your branding, products, and colors in the mix….and they are YOURS alone.