How to make Stock Photos your own

We’ve all seen the Instagram grids that look too curated. We’ve all seen those Facebook posts that use the same images as the next person.

We’ve all clicked onto someone’s website only to be faced with the same header and blog images as the last one we looked at.

And that puts a lot of people off using stock photos for their business. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way!

Using stock images doesn’t have to mean that your images stand out from miles away as being stock images that you’ve bought, and not images that you’ve taken yourself.

There are lots of ways that you can make stock images fit your branding and blend into everything else you put out there online.

Choose high-quality images

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. But choosing high-quality images is a MUST!

And I don’t just mean photos that are in-focus and have the correct white balance.

I mean photos that look like real photos you could have taken.

Instead, choose images that don’t look like they are stock photos.

Choose images that are natural and could have been taken by you. That’s what I mean by “high-quality” here.

Crop the images

A lot of people don’t think about altering the stock images they have. But think about it this way – if you took a photo with your own camera and you were going to add it to your Instagram grid, you’d probably crop it.

You might just crop off one edge to shift the focal point slightly, or you might zoom right in on a particular pattern or texture that you’ve captured and crop the rest of the image out. Stock images are no different.

Not only does cropping images mean that you won’t have the exact same image as someone else, even if they’re using the same stock photo library as you, but it also means that you can actually get multiple pictures/graphics out of one single image.

Edit the images like they were your own

This follows on from the above. In the same way that you might crop your own images, you would probably edit them too.

Maybe you use a lightroom preset or just have an editing system that you always follow.

By taking the same steps with stock photos, you will end up with a more cohesive look to your images.

Note: Presets and your usual process might not look 100% as most stock images will have already been edited.

Pick a “theme” and stick with it

You often hear people talking about Instagram themes but I’m talking about an overall “theme” here. It’s a part of your wider business branding.

So, if your website is full of images of weddings and happy couples, suddenly adding images of desktops and office stationery flat lays might not gel well!

Think about the overall appearance of your website and social media accounts and choose the stock images you use carefully – just because an image is available to you, doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Consistency is key!

By following these tips you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate stock photos to lots of different aspects of your business without people even noticing!


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