How to save time on social media

As business owners we know that we need to be present on social media. We understand that getting our business in front of other people and networking with our target audience is a huge part of any marketing strategy. And we know that our social media channels are a great way to make those connections.

BUT, I hear a lot of business owners say that social media is a huge time-suck for them. And I get it. Let’s take Instagram as an example. You have to plan and prepare for a photoshoot, take the photos, edit them and choose THE ONE for your grid. Then you have to curate the perfect caption and research the best hashtags. And even after all of that, you have to go back into your account and respond to all of the comments. All of that for just one post. And that’s just Instagram. There’s Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest too!

It’s easy to see how social media can take up a lot of time.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. In today’s post, I wanted to share 5 time saving tips with you for you business’s social media.

1. Batch tasks

I’m a huge fan of batching tasks together. Whether it’s editing photos after a shoot or drafting new blog posts, I like to block out a chunk of time in my diary and work exclusively on that task. The same goes for social media.

I block out time in my calendar each week to create graphics and captions for each of my social media platforms and schedule them out. Sitting down to create 5-7 graphics in one go means that I can really focus on that task rather than trying to do it each day which, in the long run, takes longer and much more likely to get distracted by other things too!

2. Use an editorial calendar

A big part of making social media work for you and your business is posting strategically – knowing what to post and when.

I know how it feels to sit down with your phone in hand, knowing you should be posting to your Facebook Page but having no idea what to say. So, after 30 mins of just staring at your phone, you decide to post a quirky caption about needing coffee to get you through the day, or you don’t post at all.

So, get organised and create an editorial calendar. It might take a couple of hours to plan all of your content ideas out for the month ahead but it will save you hours of wasted time each week wondering what to post.

3. Include stock photos

There’s a common misconception that all photos on your social media accounts must be ones you’ve taken yourself.

Sure, if you’re a photographer, the way that you’ll attract new clients is by showcasing your photography skills. But that doesn’t mean that every single photo on all of your social media channels has to be your own.

And if your business has nothing visual to showcase at all, there’s no reason why all of your social media images can’t be stock photos!

It should come as no surprise that carefully selecting images from a library full of high-quality stock photos is much quicker than planning and executing a full photoshoot and editing your own images!

4. Schedule ahead of time

I briefly mentioned scheduling earlier in this post but scheduling out your social media posts ahead of time (whilst you’re batching your tasks together) can save you lots of time in the long run.

If you’re logging into Facebook each day to post 2-3 times, and then hopping onto Pinterest to pin 20-30 pins, and then heading over to Twitter to tweet 8-10 times throughout the day AND then sharing 10 stories and 1 man grid post on Instagram each day too, it’s easy to see where your time goes. Especially as nobody has the self-control to log into a social media account, post and log out again without scrolling to see what else is going on!

By scheduling out your content ahead of time, you’re limiting the distraction time and, like with batching any other task, you’re allowing your mind to focus solely on the task at hand and really get into the flow of things.

5. Limit your engagement to specific times

This is a tough one. We all know that the key to success on social media is being social and engaging with our audience and community. So, how do you ensure that you’re not spending all day everyday doing this?

I like to limit my engagement to specific times. So I will dedicate 30 mins at the start and end of the day to log into my various social media accounts to reply to all comments and to find content that I want to engage with that has been posted by other people.

And there you have my 5 top tips for saving time when it comes to social media for my business.

What are your favorite time saving tips? Let me know.


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