Member showcase ~ Danielle Garber

Today I am featuring Inspired Stock Shop member Danielle Garber, who is a brand designer and marketing coach for spiritual entrepreneurs and wellness experts. She uses the images from her membership in her sales pages, opt ins, PDF’s and ebooks which work beautifully alongside her own personal brand images.

How do you want your clients to feel when they look at your brand?

Inspired, joyful and uplifted.

How do you use the images from your membership in your business and in communicating your brand/messaging?

I use them in my sales pages and ebooks to supplement my branded photography and for my clients to create high quality brand images.

What do you love most about being a member to the Inspired Stock Shop?

Having access to hundreds of high quality images that you can’t find elsewhere.

Do you have any favorite images or collections from the stock library?

I love the yoga images and the palm tree images!

What’s next, any big plans for your business you’d like to share?

I’m about to launch my own website, so watch this space!

Find out more about Danielle and the work she does over at: / Facebook / Instagram


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