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Balance your workload and spend more time creating in the right places with high quality spiritual content that fires your inspiration. Use in any way that you need for your business, from marketing content to web assets, social media posts to passive income with customizable PLR.

Inspire your audience, spread your message wider & join our community of heart-led business owners today.

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What if ....
  • There was an easy way to find beautiful photos in the spiritual niche that inspires you?
  • A place where you can go to easily find what you need, whether it’s images or templates?
  • You had a professional photographer and designer in your pocket continuously creating inspiring content for you to use?
  • You had access to images to incorporate into workbooks, journals and POD products to sell?
Saving You Time to Focus on What You Do Best

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Turn your content creation stress into pure joy and inspiration guided by spirit


The original stock content membership for spiritual entrepreneurs


When you join the Inspired Stock Shop Membership you get instant access to our library of images & digital products that you can use for your business, clients AND create products to sell.



Use our content for websites, marketing materials and building passive income streams with our straightforward commercial & PLR license.


No need to create your printables and social media graphics from scratch. Use our designs as a framework & customize to your needs.


Find relevant spiritual images faster for your business with our expanding collection of thousands of meaningful, spiritually resonant images.

Social Media Content

Our image library and templates help you create gorgeous social media content more quickly & easily without any creative struggles, while having more fun.


Our caption ideas and prompts for Instagram help connect with your audience and grow your business with intentional messaging.


Join our supportive online community of like-minded business owners to connect with and uplift through shared wisdom and inspirational guidance.

This membership is for you so you can finally get your time back and focus on what you love doing

Get all the images, graphics, templates & workbooks you need for greater success and reach for your business.

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Once your trial ends, your access will simply expire – no charges, no renewals, no hassle.

I am always impressed each week!

I have been using the content for my small business for over a year or so now, and I am always impressed each week! As a woman-owned, black-owned, LGBTQ+-owned business in a witchy wellness niche market, I am thrilled at the amount of diverse media available. The inclusion of diverse faces, ages, sizes, and energies is so powerful.

– Heather, Tea & Tarot Boutique

Helps me keep things closer to brand

I love using ISS imagery to keep things closer to brand. It’s tough to find images to support spiritually based businesses and ISS does a great job of providing them.

– Cynthia, Intuitive Essentials

Helped me shift and align the energy of my business!

“I was so excited to learn about Inspired Stock Shop because it was so hard to find soulful images that really captured the essence of my business and beliefs. It’s really helped me shift and align the energy of my business, and I appreciate the diversity in the imagery as well.”

– Jovhannah, Energy Healing & Tarot reader

Speaks to the copy that I write

I so appreciate visual artwork and photography that speaks to the copy that I write. I was just looking at some of the options on Canva and nothing compares to ISS.

– Maryanne, Minister & Writer



ISS is the original stock content library uniquely catering to the spiritual industry. We are constantly creating new content  based on direct member requests across multiple niches, such as:

Expect increased inspiration, creativity, confidence, and efficiency in creating your own branded digital products

Wondering how else you can use ISS content in your business?


Create posts and stories integrating the images, graphics and inspirational quotes.


Transform your online presence with a stunning website with the perfect images that match your needs.


Create eye-catching headers and supporting visuals that inspire new subscribers to take action.


Create branded social media ads with eye-catching templates made for your niche to drive traffic.


Create freebie offers with beautifully designed lead magnets, to prompt sign-ups.


Lead your audience through seasonal journeys with the Sabbat workbooks guiding reflective practices and rituals.


Inspire by sharing your weekly affirmations, gratitude practices, manifestation tips and altar insights etc..


Build courses and workshops integrating presentation slides and worksheets for your clients to download.


Launch with impact and create a stunning landing page for your new course or program with inspiring images.


The Inspired Stock Shop Membership Is For Entrepreneurs Just Like You

Designed specifically for heart-centered business owners, this membership is the perfect tool to help you educate, motivate, and touch the hearts of your audience with the power of the right imagery and resources.

Whether you have a passion for teaching or a drive to inspire, you’ll feel right at home with our community of like-minded entrepreneurs, such as:

I use the images for the high vibrational energy they emit

“I have benefited greatly from the very first moment I discovered Inspired Stock Shop. I have already used the magnificent images on ALL of my connections with the public which primarily include my website, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts.

I use for marketing purposes, yes — but I sense I use these images more for the feelings they convey and the high vibrational energy they emit which I am honored to be associated with.”

– Deann, Lightworker | Intuitive | Astrologer

Given me a whole new lease of life in terms of my creativity for my business

“The Canva templates are beautiful and I have already created a number of e-books and Facebook posts. Your work has really inspired me and has given my business a fresh look that is so much more aligned to what I want to portray.  It has been the best investment I have made in my business for quite a long time.  I am very grateful. “

– Beth, Crystal Gaia

It is so much easier now to find photos that convey feelings...

“I was challenged with finding photos that were more reflective and somber for my target audience. Now it’s so much easier to find photos to convey the feeling I want to convey, not of despair but more of reflection.”

– Lori, Grief Coach

Not just pretty shots ...

“The Inspired Stock Shop feels consistent, unique and stands out. I feel the images all have a story behind them, that they were taken with intention and feeling.  By leveraging the access you have with your membership you can be consistent in your theme.”

– Sheela, Money Coach

FAQ's & Licensing

Great Question!

We offer simple and generous standard licensing so you can use our content with ease, such as on your:

  • Website, landing pages & blogs
  • Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & other social media platforms
  • In your courses, memberships & programs
  • Lead magnets & opt-ins
  • Workbooks, E-books & PDF’s
  • In videos & YouTube
  • FB & Instagram Ads (small scale advertising)
  • Webinars & Presentations
  • Flyers & gift certificates
  • You may overlay text, designs, product photos, your logo, crop, rotate, resize the images.
  • You may add color or filter overlays.


Please view the sections below on how else you can use ISS content in your business, such as for client work and products for sale.

Yes, you can! You may use your membership content for both personal and client projects.

This means you can access our stock photos, Canva templates, Instagram captions, and more for any accounts you manage or design work you create, as long as your membership is current and active. You may add your client’s branding elements, text, logos, filters, etc. to personalize the content. 

If you design websites, you may use images in websites you design for clients. 

However, please note:

  • You cannot share or give any membership content to your clients, even if modified.
  • You must export/save the final designed workbooks in a non-editable file format like JPG, PNG or PDF before delivery.
  • You must have an active subscription to keep creating work for your clients. If your membership ends, you do not have to remove the content from your clients assets but you cannot create any new work for new or current clients.

This pertains to the re-selling of ISS content

As of February 2024, you can now use your membership content to create digital & physical products to sell (formerly known as a PLR license). 

This is intended to help support your business by allowing you to create passive income or offer products alongside your main business offerings. 

This includes:

  • Selling the templates as digital products (workbooks, journals, printables etc)
  • Selling oracle card decks (digital or printed)
  • Using the images to create your own decks of cards (digital or printed)
  • Incorporate images in your own workbooks and journals you want to sell
  • Use images for POD products and merch
  • Use images for wall art to sell
  • Use images in website/sales page templates you want to sell (any platform)

However, you cannot:

  • Sell the images as standalone images or include in a membership. You must create a product with the image(s) such as a deck of cards, greeting card, print, planner, journal, etc..
  • Sell digital products as is. You should use them as a framework and alter the content to work with what you need, otherwise there may be hundreds of other people selling the exact same thing as you.
  • Sell the exact same Canva template as a Canva template. Please alter it first and deliver as a flattened digital file (like a workbook, printable or PDF).
  • Trademark the designs or images. ISS still retains the copyright.
  • Sell or share as a PLR product.
  • Make NFT’s.
  • Keep selling & creating new products to sell if you cancel your membership.

An active membership subscription is required to continue selling the digital products. If you choose to discontinue your membership, we kindly ask that all products be fully removed from sale across your stores & platforms.

Alternatively if you would like to continue selling products and don’t need access to new content & products that are released every month, simply downgrade to the reseller license at an affordable $20/month. You can then keep selling the products you’ve created but you won’t have access to any new content or products added to the library.

We aim to make the process fair and clear while respecting the creators’ and fellow members livelihoods connected to these offerings.

Please reach out with any questions around membership tiers or license transitions.

Yes, you’re welcome to have your VA or team member pick out photos if that’s easier than choosing and downloading them yourself to pass along for posting.

Yes, text can always be changed on Canva templates, no matter which one you use. When using Canva you have the ability to change the text, font, colors, and images. All templates provided are Canva templates.

All images can be easily used on websites if you join the membership.  WordPress sales page templates are also offered as a bonus in some membership plans. 

Yes, you can edit the templates to suit your branding and add color overlays to the images if you like, ensuring they align with your brand’s color scheme.

Yes, of course!

If you cancel your membership, you retain the rights to continue using content downloaded during your active membership for your own small business/personal use.

However, you cannot create new products to sell, or use the content for client work without an active membership.

In the spirit of community our unlimited downloads policy is built on an honor system of mutual respect and consideration. Though you can download as much as you need while an active member, I ask that you not engage in massive downloading and then cancel.

As the main sole creator of all the content in the library, I put my heart into the designs, images and artwork spending countless hours so you don’t have to. Out of appreciation I kindly request that you utilize the unlimited downloads & digital product resell license as intended – to elevate your brand and business during your membership term.

Please use the resources we have provided in a way which doesn’t devalue them.

This includes:

  • Selling large volumes of products under market value
  • Bundling products together and pricing them under market value
  • Creating high volumes of content and putting them in a membership with minimal investment


Out of respect for the other members we reserve the right to revoke membership benefits if our terms of acceptable use are violated or exploited. We strive to cultivate an ecosystem where all members feel empowered by equal opportunity to utilize these resources for their highest purpose.

I trust that the community shares these values of integrity and gratitude, so that I may continue providing new content for your business into the future.

We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. However, due to the instant downloadable nature of the content, we have a strict no-refund policy on all purchases, including renewals. You can cancel your membership at any time via your account. Your access to all included membership benefits will remain available until the end of your membership term.

We encourage you to take the time to explore the thousands of photos available in our library before making your purchase, to ensure that Inspired Stock Shop is the right fit for you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at before purchasing your membership.

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