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Inspired Stock Shop is the only stock photography shop and membership with spiritual and wellness focused stock photos ~ filled with light and energy ~ for heart-led purpose-based businesses.


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We inspire heart-centered female leaders to shine online through accessible and affordable spiritual and wellness stock photography that feels aligned, soulful & authentic.

Stock photos should go beyond just being photos and be tools to genuinely connect with your target audience.

That is what The Inspired Stock Shop has mastered! No more basic images of gold pens, Kate Spade purses, and baby pink everything.

I formally invite you to step into The Inspired Stock Shop for next-level, brand elevating photos.


It made my website into the beautiful vision I was trying to create.

"The images help me stay on brand and have the same vibe that I want my clients to feel when they are immersed in my content. I was overwhelmed by so many choices before, your membership is now my go to!"

- Jodi, Coach

One of the images inspired a whole section of a masterclass. That was fantastic!

"I love having a variety of images for a variety of purposes AND not using the same images as everyone else! I was bored and SO tired of the same images."

- Kate, Course Creation Coach


Claire Morgan

Hi there! My name is Claire and I’m the photographer behind Inspired, which was born from my desire for more vibrancy and authenticity in stock photos.

I believe that visual branding is a promise of what your audience can expect from stepping into your world.

I love to create imagery that feels authentic & soul-aligned to genuinely connect with your audience in an industry filled with generic “girl boss” stock images of gold pens and baby pink everything.

My collections include a range of subjects and moods, allowing you to find what resonates with you and your message.

Whether you are just starting your business or growing your empire, you’ll save time and money with instant access to a library full of professionally-composed lifestyle photos that never fall flat.

Featured Collections

Featured Collections