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An inspiring collection of creative, feminine & luminous photography for spiritual wellness providers looking for mindset, law of attraction & wellness stock photos for their business needs without the hassle or expense of planning a shoot or booking a photographer.

Life: Authentically captured

Our inspiring collection of lifestyle photography reflects the authenticity of life’s spontaneous moments. Perfect for coaches, authors, speakers and content creators looking for more emotional impact from their images.

Inspiring, soulful images that are as unique as you are

Some stock photos are heavily styled, not quite matching the energy and authenticity you’re looking for.

With a membership to Inspired Stock Shop, you will have access to thousands of photos that capture the spontaneity of life while still being professionally composed.

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The Membership

Wish there was an easy way to find the right images for your content posts without the hassle of planning a shoot, booking a photographer or paying a graphic designer? Become a member and get unlimited access to our growing library of 3,500 + images valued at over $10 000. With new images added each month, this is your place for inspiring, professional images that don’t look like everyone else’s.

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Benefits of becoming a member

  Instant access to thousands of professional images, with 100+ added each month.

✓  Unlimited downloads in multiple sizes for use in social media, website banners and print.

✓  Personal, commercial and editorial use; no credit necessary.

✓  Sort by newest additions and collections, or search via keywords.

✓  Log into your dashboard to gain access to the exclusive member library whenever you want!

life, authentically captured


Claire Morgan

Hi there! My name is Claire and I’m the photographer behind Inspired, which was born from my desire for more vibrancy and authenticity in stock photos.

What you put out there (images included!) represent who you are.
I have worked as a professional photographer for more than 12 years, and I love capturing moments that tell a story… but the story it tells is up to you.

My collections include a range of subjects and moods, allowing you to find what resonates with you and your message.

Whether you are just starting your business or growing your empire, you’ll save time and money with instant access to a library full of professionally-composed lifestyle photos that never fall flat.

Member Love testimonials

Member Love testimonials

"My biggest challenge was finding stock photos that suited my brand and weren't completely generic. It was frustrating and exhausting constantly trying to find beautiful images.

With my Inspired Stock Shop membership I have a great choice of images to use without spending hours searching for them; nor do I have to create my own images. It was so easy to find images due to how everything is categorized. 

It can be hard to find stock images that haven't been used a million times before but I was able to seamlessly weave these into my sales page and ebooks without sacrificing my brand identity.

If you need a constant supply of high quality, non-generic images then this is the place to be!"

Danielle Garber

Branding & Marketing

"What I love the most about the membership is that I can easily find an image that matches the topic that I’m writing about. It enhances my stories and quotes in such a unique and eye-catching way and simplifies the branding of my business.
All of the pictures have this feminine and uplifting look and feel which gives my website a really professional look. It’s an investment that I’m really glad I took and was well worth the price."


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Carol Hampshire

"I was frustrated with not being able to find suitable images for my brand boards, website mockups, or unique stock images for my clients.

After becoming a member I now have access to a library of thousands of images curated with my needs in mind. I love how I am able to quickly access images, saving me time as well as leveling up the quality of my designs and brands through quality and relevant stock images."

Carol Hampshire

Graphic Designer
Bianca Johnson

"Having a membership has meant that I can access photos that are different to other services around. There's nothing worse than coming across another business that has used the same featured image that you chose off a free stock photography website. I love that I have a choice of such interesting images to use on my new website rebrand, as well as for our social media."

Bianca Johnson

Tech VA

"I was on the lookout for unique stock photos to help my blog posts stand out and was so happy when I found Inspired Stock Shop."


Web designer

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Latest Collections read the blog
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