A stock photo subscription for designers & digital creators


The perfect licensing solution to using our stock photos in your client work. 

If you're a brand, web or graphic designer and often need stock photos for client work, but struggle because of licensing issues, then my business subscription is for you.


The images from Inspired Stock Shop are full of light and energy, with a spiritual/holistic touch to them, so do very well for brands in health and wellness, personal development, and the coaching industry.

If you create websites, mood boards, brand collaterals and other items for your clients you won’t have to force your client to get their own subscription.

By purchasing either the quarterly or annual membership, you may use the images in your own business, and in your clients business by providing stock photography to them. Your clients are also protected under your license. 


The photos are GORGEOUS and the new collections just keep getting better and better.

I love the creative workspace collections, the scenes are in line with what my brand focuses on: creativity, travel, coastal, spirituality, wellness, & business.

My website and brand feels refreshed and aligned with the feeling I want it to have and I've started selling website templates using the beautiful stock photos!

- Kristin, Girlboss Designer

Business Subscription for designers

For designers who want to use images for multiple clients


quarterly / 3 months

  •  Breaks out to $99 / month
  •  Access to entire member's library
  •  Unlimited downloads
  •  Use images for your clients websites & collaterals
  •  Auto-billed quarterly
  •  Cancel any time


per year

  •  Breaks out to $69 / month
  •  Access to entire member's library
  •  Unlimited downloads
  •  Use images for your clients websites & collaterals
  •  Billed once per year
  •  Cancel any time

Not just pretty shots.

The Inspired Stock Shop feels consistent, unique and stands out. I feel the images all have a story behind them, that they were taken with intention and feeling.  By leveraging the access you have with your membership you can be consistent in your theme. 

- Sheela, Money Coach

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