If you're a brand, web or graphic designer and need stock photos for client work, but struggle because of licensing issues, then our Professional subscription is for you.

Get extended use privileges for your client work


per year

✓ Same benefits as the small business membership

✓ Use photos in your client projects

✓ Design client websites, their marketing material, ebooks & social media posts during your membership term

✓ Billed once per year

✓ Cancel any time


✓ You receive the same membership benefits as the standard small business subscription such as unlimited image downloads, Canva templates, graphics & stock video clips.

✓ You may use images for your own business use.

✓ You may use the images in your clients websites, marketing materials, designs, and social feeds.

✓ You may use the images to create graphics or templates for your clients, as long as the images cannot be extracted (designs must be flattened).

✓ You may use the images in digital products including courses, workbooks, ebooks, and other pdfs or downloads, as long as the images cannot be extracted.

✓ There is no expiration on photos applied to your client projects.

✓ Once your membership expires, you may continue using downloaded photos for personal projects, however you can't use the images to create new work for clients.

✓ You may use the Canva templates included in the membership for your own business only. You may edit the fonts, colors, text, and images for your brand. However you may not share or sell our templates, even if you have made modifications to them.

✓ You may not transfer images to your clients or third parties. The images are for the creation of your work and products for your clients.

✓ If you would like to create products for sale including our images as part of the package, such as website templates and other design templates, you can purchase an extended license for the amount of images you need for your design(s).