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The new collections just keep getting better and better!

“I was struggling with piecing together stock images from different sources that match the vibe of my brand and felt like a lot of wasted time searching.

My website and brand feels refreshed and aligned with the feeling I want it to have, and I’ve started selling website templates using the beautiful stock photos! The perfect option for someone in the spiritual entrepreneur area.

- Kristin, Girlboss Designer
ISS helps me keep things closer to brand

“I truly love so many of the collections and types of images. I love having the ability to conduct keyword searches and filter based on colors to make finding what I need in the moment so easy. It’s tough to find images to support spiritually based businesses and ISS does a great job of providing them.”

- Cynthia, Intuitive Guide
Helped me shift and align the energy of my business!

“I was so excited to learn about Inspired Stock Shop because it was so hard to find soulful images that really captured the essence of my business and beliefs. It’s really helped me shift and align the energy of my business, and I appreciate the diversity in the imagery as well.”

- Jovhannah, Energy Healing & Tarot reader

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