How to Brand Yourself as an Online Spiritual Entrepreneur

Are you ready to own your role as a spiritual entrepreneur? Your branding can help you promote your work and support you as you step into your calling. Below are some steps to help you brand yourself as an online spiritual entrepreneur, from knowing your purpose to picking beautiful visuals for your brand.

Know Your Purpose

Every business should have a purpose – a reason for providing the goods or services that they sell. However, spiritual entrepreneurs typically have a higher purpose, and understanding what that purpose is will help you brand yourself as an online spiritual entrepreneur.

One way to do this is to ask yourself why you want to provide your products or services. What is your vision for how your business will affect the people and world around you?

Write Down Your Story

Take some time to write your origin story down. What brought you to the point that you want to be a spiritual entrepreneur? What challenges have you overcome and how are you going to use your successes to help others?

Your story does not have to be long to be meaningful. You also don’t have to share it with anyone. The purpose of writing it down on paper is to develop a deeper understanding of your own work.

Get To Know Your Soulmate Clients

One of the best ways to get to know your soulmate clients is to join groups online where they hang out. This could be a Facebook group or a Mighty Networks membership. Find out what they need and want out of life.

Interact with them human to human without trying to sell them anything. These relationships will help you understand who they are and what they need and want. This knowledge will help you develop meaningful, spiritual branding.

Understand What Transformations Your Clients Can Expect

As you get to know your ideal clients better, imagine what it will be like for them to work with you. What transformations can they expect? What results do you bring them?

To use myself as an example, I help spiritual entrepreneurs brand their businesses through soulful imagery, customizable templates, and a supportive community that serves our members through classes, tutorials, and encouragement. I help people, like you, feel less alone while they build their business. 

What do you help people do?

Create A Mood Board

Here comes one of my favorite parts! Go to Pinterest and start pinning brands, images, and colors that represent what your soulmate clients are looking for out of working with you. Invite all of the senses in when you think about your mood board. Is there a scent that expresses what it’s like to work with you? Maybe it’s roses or warm vanilla. What does it feel like to work with you? Like soft velvet or cool marble? 

Then use our Vision Board template in Canva to create a mood board that you can refer back to as you develop your branding!

Select Photos, Videos, and Graphics

After you’ve learned about your ideal soulmate clients, what they need and considered the transformations you bring, it’s time to select visual elements for your brand. Use the search feature on the Inspired Stock Shop website to narrow your search down by keywords, colors, orientation, category, and content. 

As you peruse the library, make use of our favorites feature so that you never lose track of the photos you truly love.

If you’re not already a member of our Facebook community, be sure to join it here. You’ll find tutorials, classes, and new collections in the group, as well as a supportive community of spiritual entrepreneurs ready to help cheer you on!

Our library holds thousands of stock photos, a growing collection of video clips, and beautiful, customizable Canva templates! Explore membership options here. 

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