5 Ways to Increase Your Engagement on Instagram

It can seem as if Instagram’s algorithm is always changing, and when it comes time to work on your content, you may feel blocked. No one wants to create content when it feels like you’re speaking to an empty room. So, here are five ways to increase your engagement on Instagram to make your time on the app more rewarding, both creatively and financially.

Create More Reels

Instagram prioritizes Reels these days, and this is the fastest way to increase your engagement on the app. Not only do people love to binge-watch Reels, but Instagram will present your Reels to many non-followers. When you create more Reels, you get rewarded with more exposure and engagement from people who aren’t already familiar with your work. It’s a great way to grow your IG followers and amp up engagement. 

Quick tip: If you’re camera-shy, use video clips from Inspired Stock Shop or combine several still photos to create a Reel. Download the video to your phone, upload it, and post it on Instagram directly from the app. Using Instagram’s platform rather than a scheduler will also improve engagement.

Use Trending Audio

Trending audio is another tool to boost your engagement on Instagram. When you watch a Reel, look in the bottom left corner for the music file. If there’s a little diagonal arrow pointing up and to the right, the audio is trending. Simply click on the audio track’s name and use it immediately to create a Reel or save it for later in the week.

Include a CTA on All of Your Posts

Always include a call to action, or CTA, on your posts. Your audience needs to know how to work with you, whether they should follow you, and what you have to offer. Your CTA can be an invitation to download a lead magnet via the link in your bio or a simple request to follow you for more content. For example, a yoga teacher could use the CTA, “Follow me for more tips on making your practice more joyful.” 

Quick tip: If you don’t have a lead magnet to share on Instagram, head to the Inspired Stock Shop template library. You’ll find lead magnets, workbooks, and even Oracle card templates you can share with your audience in exchange for their email addresses.

Invite People to DM You

We pine for the days when social media was more social. So, why not create that in your own online community? A great CTA for your posts, Reels, and Stories is an invite to DM you. Think of inventive ways to start the conversation beyond something like “DM me for more details.” For instance, a CTA like, “DM me for 5 tips to save money in meal prep this week,” will get far more engagement than something that sounds like everyone else’s invitation. Once you have someone in the DMs, you can get a sales conversation going. Plus, it boosts your engagement metrics!

Include Activities in Your Stories

Whether you share a link in your stories or add a sticker to ask for feedback, making your Stories interactive will boost your engagement rates. For instance, you can add the emoji reaction sticker, a quick quiz, or a question to your Story. When you have options for interaction conveniently at the touch of a button, your engagement will increase, and you’ll know you’re on the right track for your content. 

If you’re struggling with content ideas, consider joining ISS! New visual content is published each week, and each month, you’ll receive caption prompts and ideas to make your digital marketing a breeze!

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