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Sink into the Crystal Sanctuary Collection, and enjoy stillness and grounding among its beautiful rose gold, rose quartz, and amethyst hues. The computer mockups are perfect for spiritual entrepreneurs who sell online courses and books. Anyone who loves working with crystals will adore the interplay of light and shadow with some of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

Hints at the metaphysical peek out from the corners of some photos – a quartz pendulum, astrological chart, and moon phase information cards are just some of the subtle magical elements in this collection. Other images showcase journaling pages, moon phase intention cards, and astrology tools for practitioners looking for beautiful representations of their work.

Luxe trays hold stunning crystals and soothing cups of tea. Sunlight passes through quartz points to create a luminescence that’s nothing short of magical. A huge chunk of labradorite and a collection of rose quartz spheres offer different textures that are sure to add dimension to your social media feed and blogs. There’s even a curious black cat in one of the pictures!

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