If you aren’t a photographer, stock images are a great way to round out your visuals and enhance the images that you do have. This is especially helpful if you want to include a more personal, human touch on your website (such as hands), but don’t have images of yourself that will work. 

I’m not recommending using ONLY stock photos for your website. Of course, you should still have a professional, branded headshot to use on your website and across social media so people know who you are! Your business and brand start with you, always.

Here are three essential reasons use stock photos for your projects:

  1. They save you time. The photos are already created, edited, and ready to be downloaded and used.
  2. They save money. Stock photos come at a much lower cost than hiring the services of a photographer since they fall under a royalty free license (which enables anyone who purchases the photo to use the photo in their business, without crediting). Also, some of the larger stock photo companies charge upwards of $25 per photo. That’s close to what I charge for a bundle. Even though it’s still less than hiring a photographer, it still seems way too high for one photo. My mission is to keep beautiful photos that fit your brand completely accessible and not inflated in price.
  3. You have more options for your niche. The larger stock photo sites like Shutterstock do not have a specific niche and finding the right photos for your brand aesthetic is harder when you are a female business owner with very feminine branding. I intentionally created these photos to align with female business owners so they could have effortlessly beautiful branding across all platforms

Using stock photography on your website is a great way to create a beautiful online presence that resonates with your brand and potential clients.

Here are 6 amazing ways you can use stock photos to enhance your website:

I hope these examples and ideas give you a better idea on the many ways you can use stock photography on your website to support your growing business!

Looking for beautiful stock imagery to use on your website, created for women business owners just like you?

Head on over here to learn about membership opportunities to our growing library of stock photos that are light and airy in style.

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