How to align your workspace with your business goals

When you work in and on your business five days a week (or more, if you’re anything like me), the space you work in can significantly impact your productivity. Not only can your workspace act as an inspiration for your work, but it’s also conducive to keeping your energy focused. 

No matter if you have a designated office or work from your dining room table, you can create a workspace that aligns with your goals and promotes mental and physical wellness using these four simple hacks.

By implementing these elements, my hope is that you create a space that inspires you as you navigate your journey of business ownership.

Lighten Your Walls

If you’re looking for clarity, motivation, and inspiration painting your walls with specific colors is shown to have a very positive psychological effect on the brain. Certain colors are associated with certain feelings, so depending on how you want your workspace to work for you, the color options are endless. 

For example, if you want a soothing and calm workspace, earthy colors like greens and blues (not too dark!) can reduce stress levels. If you want your space to be free of distractions, a light, warm white is the perfect color. Light grey and beige colors help your mind focus and also work well with the rest of your house if your workspace is in a shared room. 

Lighting can also have a significant effect on how a space feels. Whether you use natural light from a window or add more overhead or lamp lighting to the room, when combined with light walls, your space should feel more open and airy to help your inspiration blossom.

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Use Crystals

Healing crystals help alleviate energy blockages that come from long work days, constant screen usage, social media browsing, and the general stress that comes from running a business. 

Not only do crystals fill your workspace with positive and protective energies, but they’re also an excellent resource for setting intentions and manifesting your desired outcomes. Crystals can help stimulate and inspire you – and ultimately, help you operate at a higher frequency within your workspace.

I love using specific crystals for my workspace. Some of my go-to’s include Clear Quartz, which is great for focus, while Citrine can help alleviate mental blocks and encourage creativity. Amethyst invites peace and relaxation into your workspace, while Tourmaline can help you set boundaries and find comfort in its soothing energy. If you want good fortune, clear-headedness, and focus, Tiger Eye is a great option. 

Depending on how you need your workspace to work for you, there is a crystal out there for everyone. Mitigating energy blocks can only benefit you and enhance your workday so you can be productive. Just place the crystal on your desk (near your computer, if possible) and get to work!

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Decorate With Indoor Plants

Green spaces can work wonders for our mindsets. Unfortunately, not all of us can work on the beach, fields, and forests of the earth without a power source. For most of us, we need to bring the outdoors indoors. Depending on the space available in your workspace, that might mean hanging plants, wall plants, or just a small potted plant on your desk. 

Plants are incredibly beneficial to have indoors. Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing, but they’re scientifically beneficial. Indoor plants can reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, and depression in a workspace and are shown to increase productivity and creativity. 

Plants can also absorb sounds, which reduces distracting noises in your workspace and clean the air around them through the energy process of photosynthesis. Studies also show that looking at nature can shift our mindsets into a more relaxed state, encouraging concentration. I don’t know about you, but I can use all the concentration I can get sometimes. If you don’t have plants in your workspace yet, I highly recommend you head to your local garden center or florist. 

Vision Board

A vision board is one of the best ways to bring your goals and aspirations to life. When you write down what you want to achieve in your business or life, you will manifest your desire. It’s as simple as that. 

When you have a space to write down inspirations, unload your overflowing brain, and map out your goals, you create a daily visual reminder of things that will encourage you to keep the needle moving in your business. 

Personally, I love my whiteboard, but I have friends who use wall-size chalkboards or corkboards, too. Choose whatever board is accessible to you, that calls you, or that just looks nice with your newly painted wall.

At the end of the day, you should never underestimate the impact that a workspace can have on your goals.

I hope these examples and ideas for ways that you can align your workspace with your goals helps you navigate business ownership with more clarity, ease, focus, and tranquility!

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