How To Be More Successful On Instagram

Things are always changing on Instagram. The Inspired Stock Shop team keeps up with the latest trends on our favorite platform, though, so today, I’m sharing some tips with you. While some of these may sound familiar, they remain true for individuals and marketing firms alike. I hope they help you in your marketing efforts!

Show up on camera

One of the best ways to be successful on Instagram is to show up on camera! Whether you post a selfie or a quick Reel with some helpful hints, your face is magnetic. If you feel uncomfortable posting a selfie, consider booking a photo session with a photographer so you have a collection of images to share online.

Remember Reels and TikTok are different

As Instagram shifts more toward video, it’s easy to assume that Reels are just a new form of TikTok. However, the formats are different, and if you simply repost your TikTok to your Reels, you may find your engagement drop. That’s because the algorithm sees the TikTok nametag on the video and down-prioritizes it as unoriginal content. In some ways, Reels are much easier than TikToks, as you can create a Reel with a Canva template and stock video clip quite easily.

Use various formats

We all know that Instagram likes to change the algorithm frequently, so utilizing different forms of posts is always advisable. For instance, you’ll want to make sure to use individual images, carousel posts, and Reels. Depending on the content you create and the type of account you run, you may find carousels do better than individual images or Reels, for example.

Pay attention to your audience

If it’s been a while since you have checked on your audience and the level of engagement people have with your content, it’s time to pull up your profile insights. This will tell you where your most enthusiastic followers are from, what type of content they prefer, and what format is their favorite: Reels, individual images, or carousel posts.

Post at the right time

Paying attention to your audience and engagement levels will help you understand the best times to post on your account. A universal time, according to the latest research, is posting between 6 pm and 9 pm. Interestingly, the best days to post are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. However, you may find that your audience is online and engaging with your content at different times.

Post consistently

Consistent posting on Instagram helps keep things fresh with your audience. Four to six posts per week is generally a good goal to set for your account; however, most marketers agree that it’s very difficult to post too much in your Stories, so make sure you’re utilizing that feature as well.

Write strong captions

Including captions on your posts boosts your engagement and the best captions are either quick and short (just 1-20 characters) or longer ones with over 2,000 characters. Your captions should always be engaging, entertaining, or informative.

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