I’m sure you’ve heard that one of the most effective ways to market your coaching business is by tapping into your ideal clients’ emotions. Yet, you may wonder how to do this – especially if your work is done online or in private sessions. This is one of the reasons that I founded Inspired Stock Shop. I’m here to support you in your online marketing and branding efforts, even when it seems challenging. Whether you’re a life coach, business coach, or energy worker, investing in a stock photo membership is a wise choice that will support your business for years.

Stock Photos for Life Coaches

People seek out life coaches for a variety of reasons. While you certainly want to use photos of yourself on your social media and your website, it’s also extremely effective to use soulful stock photos of people experiencing the kind of emotions that your clients can expect.

For example, when people see the relief, serenity, and happiness of others, they are more likely to buy from you. Maintaining a client’s privacy when sharing their testimonial or feedback is simple: pair it with a soulful stock photo that communicates what their words say.

As a member of a soulful stock photo membership, you can access thousands of stock photos. That means you’re sure to find wonderful images to share with your audience, no matter what your copy says. In addition, we regularly add photos to the Inspired Stock Shop library and provide images that align with the current seasons and holidays to help you achieve the branding look you desire.

Business Coaches Need Stock Photos

Sometimes it’s difficult to secure photos of your sessions or events, or you may be obligated to keep your business clients secret. Access to a stock photo membership can help you avoid the frustration of having to come up with an image that accurately represents the transformations and positive emotions your clients regularly experience.

In the ISS library, you’ll find a wealth of flat lays, desktop images, and more to help you market your digital products and events as well.

Whether you’re looking for stylish quote images or Canva templates, the Inspired Stock Shop membership has everything you need for your coaching business.

Energy Workers

Energy workers also benefit from a soulful stock photo membership. It goes without saying that it’s hard to take pictures when you’re working with a client. Plus, most clients would prefer you didn’t take a picture of them when they’re receiving a massage, reiki, or other energy healing.

However, in the ISS library, you’ll find images for reiki, meditation, yoga, sound healing, energetic work, and beyond, which make it easy to share your gifts with the world while eliminating the struggle of capturing your work in real-time.

Many of our photos also feature the client as the main subject, making them easy to integrate into your branding, social media, and website.

Other Benefits of a Stock Photo Membership

As an Inspired Stock Shop member, you receive immediate access to: 

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