How to Create and Post Meaningful Content

Meaningful content is content that stays with you. It’s content that makes you feel seen. To create meaningful content, you must first understand your audience and purpose. Then, you’ll be able to post content that supports your business and attract new clients. 

Who is Your Audience?

Start by deciding on who you’re creating content for. Get specific about their characteristics. For instance, if you’re a men’s life coach, you’ll want to focus on men between a specific age range. They may also have other characteristics you want to consider, such as where they are in their career, family, and relationships. A great example would be men in the “empty nester” stage of life, with kids off at college but several years from retirement.

What do They Want to Know?

Once you narrow down who your ideal audience is, the next step is to determine what their needs are. What are they searching for online? Websites like UberSuggest, are great for finding the keywords and search terms people use most often when searching about your subject. Another easy way to do this is by typing a search term into Google or Pinterest to see what suggestions come up.

Create Content that’s Meaningful to Them

Finally, it’s time to create meaningful content for your audience. This content should resonate with them and answer their questions, and it should also represent who you are and what problems your business solves. Here are some ideas for creating meaningful content:

  • Answer a burning question – one of the top questions on the sites mentioned above.
  • Share a client story to help your audience understand how you can help them.
  • Write a “5 facts about me” post where you include some lesser-known facts about you and your work.
  • Share some of your backstories with others and why you do what you do.
  • Write a blog post that outlines what it’s like to work with you so there are no big questions left unanswered for your prospective clients.

As you create your content, ask yourself: “How is this solving a problem for my people?” With this question in mind, you can write targeted, meaningful content that helps your audience feel seen.

Best Post Formats

Now that you’ve created meaningful content, it’s time to post. One of the best ways to do this is by starting with a blog post. After making the blog post, which will drive traffic to your website and help bring new clients to your business, you can break the post up into several social media posts.

Carousel posts do well on both Instagram and LinkedIn, so aim for those types of posts when you want to impact your audience. 

Catchy text and a captivating photo on Pinterest will draw people’s eyes to your pins. 

And don’t forget about your newsletter. You can share the blog post with your email subscribers and ask for their feedback to encourage more engagement. 

As you create meaningful content for your audience, remember why you’re doing this work. Remember your mission, and don’t be afraid to ask for help from like-minded business owners – like the ones in our Facebook group!

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