How to curate stock photos to represent your own brand

As much as I LOVE providing curated and beautiful photos for your digital needs, I also love unveiling the curtain and bringing my community behind the scenes to learn about my creative process.

My hope is that you are inspired to do the things you love for your own business and see the beauty in the process of getting to where you want to be.

My goal is to also help you feel a little less stuck when looking at a bunch of photos and deciding how to piece them together for your brand

Although I shoot images for my stock photo library all the time, it is not something I typically plan and is oftentimes spontaneous.

This can look like a simple stroll around the neighborhood and something catches my eye -OR- taking a day to enjoy the beach and being inspired by the beautiful and breathtaking surroundings

These images accumulate over a period of a few weeks to a few months, and when I have enough that work well together, perhaps in combination with a series of workspace images that I have taken, I will add these to the Inspired Stock Shop photo library.

When it comes to styling certain collections around themes and colors, I plan this in advance with a color combination in mind. New ideas and inspiration come to be daily. My brain literally thinks in color and helps me to bring these ideas together.

I’ll go out and buy a bunch of props and then dedicate a morning or afternoon to shooting and playing with different set ups with my props.

Some items I pick up from my walks either in the park or on the beach. These can be feathers, bits of wood, pine cones, branches, driftwood, pebbles and shells etc. Nature has a way of creating effortless and beautiful additions to stock photos!

Today I wanted to teach you how to group visually cohesive images together for your brand, that are consistent in feeling, mood and color palette.

If you are struggling to identify your particular style with imagery and stock photos that completely resonate with your style and brand message, you are going to want to watch the video below to get the behind the scenes scoop on how I do this for my own brand and my stock photo library.

  • Start with 1 color that you love and are drawn to or that you may already use consistently in your current branding.
  • Search Color Palettes for that specific color – You can type in “*chosen color* Color Palettes” on a Google or a Pinterest search. For example, ‘Teal Color Palettes’. Make sure to observe and take note of the color palettes that you like and what the other colors are within the palette. You should now have an additional 3-5 colors to work with in your palette.
  • Notice what images come up and the feeling you get from them. How do they make you feel? What mood are they? This can help you in curating images with a certain feel and mood for your brand. Write all of these thoughts and feelings down. Whatever makes you feel good and completely aligned with your brand is a good indicator of what to pay attention to and include within your branding.
  • Start to gather the selected images together within your color palette and see if you can carry across a similar theme between them. For example natural wood elements – mountains – water – sense of peace – quiet…..
  • If you decide to use an image with a color that is not in your color palette, that is fine to do as long as 1 of the main colors in that image are in your original color palette.

Just remember to always keep in mind that the photos and colors that feel good and resonate with you HIGHLY matter when deciding how you want your brand to be portrayed to the world.

If you feel connected to your imagery and colors, it will empower you to step out as the confident expert in your field as your highest and most authentic self and give others the encouragement to do the same. I hope this gives you more confidence to piece together multiple feel good photos in a way that represents your brand!

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