Inspired Stock Shop Member Spotlight: Lauren Holder

We love seeing how our members use our images and content in their business, as well as learning about their unique offerings and gifts.

During our month of ‘Blossoming’ we are featuring ISS member Lauren Holder of The Soulful Mind Academy, who has a love for flowers!

Tell me about your business. What do you do and what do you specialize in?

The Soulful Mind Academy exists to guide lightworkers, healers, and coaches to awaken their truth, their magic and their expansiveness so they can create a legacy built on abundance and impact. We do this through integrating, mastering, and healing the mind + soul within The Soulful Mind Certification.

This program certifies soulful leaders in NLP, Hypnosis + Spiritual Hypnosis, TIME Techniques, Mind + Soul Coaching, and Akashic Records Healing. This is a magically potent blend of modalities that create massive transformations for not only the student, but their clients too.

How do you use the images from your membership in your business and in communicating your brand messaging?

I absolutely love the images in the Inspired Stock Shop, and use them across multiple marketing platforms! I use them on my Instagram feed, website, brochures, and pretty much any place you can think of that requires beautiful, soulful images!

They have really elevated my brand, and allowed me to stand out in the spiritual community.

Do you have any favorite images or collections from the stock library?

Right now I am loving the Mindful Dreams collection, and any images with crystals and flowers in them. All of the images are truly fantastic and really encapsulate spiritual/soulful branding!

What’s next, any big plans for your business you’d like to share?

The Soulful Mind Certification is officially starting the week of September 6th! It will be the first cohort of the certification and we are currently enrolling early-bird students. The Soulful Mind Certification is a highly experiential learning experience.

We ensure graduates feel magically confident and capable, and experience true coaching + practitioner work first hand. Students will also graduate with the creation of a Coaching business that’s in full alignment to their core values + higher self.

See how Lauren uses Inspired Stock Shop images in her business:

Hero Image on her website
Programe offering

Some of Lauren’s favorite collections:

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