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As a spiritual stock photo online business, we love to incorporate crystals into our photos as much as possible! We love the beauty and spiritual connection they bring into any environment and make for wonderful props. We want to share with you some of our most popular photos featuring different crystals that we have in the membership and a few fun facts about some of the crystals.

We hope this inspires you to add some life and color in the form of these magical rocks into your workspace and home environment! 


This beautiful orange-yellow, citrusy inspired gemstone is known for its light, happiness, and abundant nature. If you have specific goals you are desiring to achieve, it is a great crystal to meditate with and to keep in your workspace to inspire the action and joy to achieve your goals.

It is also powerful to manifest with when you are calling in wealth and money. Citrine will help you to unleash your power and access your highest potential so you can get closer to your dreams. Definitely a must-have! 


Amethyst is a beautiful purple-colored crystal that promotes the highest forms of healing and calm in any space. If you are feeling overwhelmed, scattered, or even sad, meditating with Amethyst will immediately begin to lift your mood and bring you clarity, focus, and peace.

Many healers believe that it is also capable of opening the third eye during meditation and releasing energy in the head region when feeling stressed. 


This beautiful clear crystal is seen as the “master crystal” and an absolute essential to every collection. It has the ability to channel any energy so it can bring healing to any condition.

If you want to feel more connected to your spiritual purpose and your childlike desires and self, take some time to meditate with quartz and keep it as a constant accessory in every space in your home. 


You will often find this clear, foggy crystal in the center of multiple crystals. There is a very specific reason for this! Selenite is best known for its cleansing properties. After you’ve worked with other crystals, it is important to put them near selenite so that the energies can be cleansed.

You can also place selenite around your crystals when you set them outside for the full moons. It helps to keep the energy clear and cleansed so that all of the crystals can absorb the powerful energy of the moon the right way. This cleansing crystal is super important to have in every crystal collection! 

Rose Quartz 

This beautiful pink gemstone is known for its ability to promote self-love but did you also know that its primary property is promoting harmony and balance? Most of the time, the reason we are having trouble loving ourselves is because we are not accepting who we are now and we are relishing too much in our failures and missteps. When you invite harmony, balance, peace, and acceptance into the spaces of your mind, you open the doorway for self-love and step into your power.

Rose Quartz is a magician at bringing the energy of balance, acceptance, and harmony into any space so that we can really give ourselves the space to love ourselves fully. 

Black Tourmaline 

Last but not least, this beautiful black stone is wonderful for protection against self-defeating and low energy thoughts. It is also known to physically protect us from EMF radiation that we get from looking at our phone, computer, and tv screens.

It is a great stone to have on your nightstand, to meditate with, or to hold when you feel negative energy or thoughts looming. This stone repels self-doubt and helps to protect our minds from sinking thoughts. If you struggle with any of these, you need to add some black tourmaline to your collection! Your soul will immediately feel an energy shift. Try it! 

We hope you loved reading more about these amazing gemstones. We love their beauty and essence but we love their powerful energies so much more! It’s amazing what amazing gifts mother nature has blessed us with to live healthy and abundant lives. 

Check out more of these magical photos here.

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