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One of the best parts about being a solopreneur is slipping away to a coffeeshop for some creative brainstorming, don’t you agree? In the Coffeeshop Morning Collection, we get to peek inside the world of coffeeshop working with a beautiful woman who uses the city to inspire her next offering. Shot in a European coffeeshop, this collection has a je ne sais quoi that is both familiar and slightly exotic, encouraging you to dream about the lives of your clients around the world.

Whether you’re a mindfulness coach, an online shop owner, or an interior designer, these photos add a bit of autumnal flair to your content. You’ll love the different textures captured in the shots, from the rough wood coffeeshop walls to the reflections of the city lights in the windows. The soft gray, ochre, rusty red, and chocolate brown palette makes these stock photos perfect for the cooler seasons.

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