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There’s nothing like stepping outside on a warm afternoon and taking a deep breath. The Unwind Collection may have you craving this same experience. With a mixture of Air and Fire elements – incense, feathers, smoke cleanses, burning resin, and a crackling fire – this collection will add some magic to your digital marketing.

This is a truly eclectic collection, with images celebrating the Harvest Moon and others capturing the Sun peeking out from behind the clouds. The soft sandstone shades set against our signature clean, white background allow you to add a bit of visual seasonal transition to your social media feeds. The collection of white and clear crystals helps add a mystical vibe to this stock photo set.

Unwind is perfect for wellness coaches, leaders of moon or other spiritual circles, and anyone who discusses self-care and work/life balance in their work. Try combining several of these images into a carousel for better engagement on Instagram, or use two or three stock photos to bring your blog to life.

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