The Top Astrological Events of 2022

Do you plan to align your business with the stars in 2022? I’ve created a helpful guide for you to use as you look at the year ahead and how the astrological events may affect your business goals. Below are some common events in astrology and how they may impact your success and your year ahead.

2022 Retrogrades

Let’s begin with retrogrades. Periodically, planets in our solar system appear to be moving backward in their orbits. During this time, the planet is said to be in “retrograde,” and you can observe these retrogrades from the earth. The planet’s attributes change when it’s retrograde, and each can have interesting effects on us here.

Mercury Retrogrades

This retrograde happens three to four times a year and certainly gets the most press. While it’s common to have communication and transportation issues during Mercury Retrograde, the period can also be a great time to hone your communication skills. It’s also a good time to reevaluate your business plans and plan ahead with your goals in mind.

Dates for 2022:

  • 14 January – 4 February 2022
  • 10 May – 3 June 2022
  • 10 September – 2 October 2022

Venus Retrograde

These retrogrades happen every 18 months and last for about six weeks. It’s common for old clients to pop up during this time, but it’s also a time when unhealthy relationships come to an end – including unhealthy work situations. We enter 2022 already in Venus Retrograde.

Dates for 2022:

  • 19 December 2021 – 29 January 2022

Mars Retrograde

When Mars is in retrograde, the places where we’re “stuck” begin to emerge. It’s also a time when your momentum can decrease, and your progress toward your goals stops. You may also see some overactions among your team members or clients. Mars Retrograde happens around every 26 months for nearly two and a half months.

Dates for 2022:

  • 30 October 2022 – 13 January 2023

Jupiter Retrograde

Unlike Mars Retrograde, Jupiter Retrograde can feel much more positive. You may experience spiritual awakenings and self-realizations. Be careful not to get too distracted in your self-exploration during this time. You may also see a pause in your success to help you reevaluate things that aren’t working for you.

Dates for 2022:

  • 29 July – 24 November 2022

Saturn Retrograde

Finally, the last retrograde to note on your calendar is Saturn Retrograde. Like the period of Mercury Retrograde, this period may bring the past to light so you can reevaluate how those events affect your life now. Past untruths will be revealed, and you’ll probably have your boundaries tested during this time. Saturn goes retrograde once a year for about four and a half months.

Dates for 2022:

  • 5 June – 23 October 2022


When two planets are in conjunction, they are both in the same astrological sign. This blends the characteristics of both planets and can make the energy feel intense. When the planets work together, great things happen, but it can be a bit more challenging if they don’t align well. Be sure to consider this when checking your monthly charts.


When planets are sextile, the period can lack some action taking, but it’s also a very easy-going and fun time. This relationship usually happens between fire and air signs and earth and water signs. So any time you see that planets will be sextile for the month, you know it will be a low-drama time.


When planets are in trine, it’s a time of good luck and positive synchronicity. It happens when planets of the same elemental sign aspect each other, so they support one another and become easier to work with. Like sextile aspects, trine periods can lead to a happy season without a results-oriented or action-oriented motivation attached to them.


When planets are square with one another, there is bound to be a bit of drama. This drama can be positive, though, and lead to your preferred outcome. The tension created during this time may be exactly what you need to get things done.


When planets are completely opposite to each other, they’re said to be in opposition. When this happens, the planets are usually conflicting, but again, this conflict may be motivating and positive.

Working with the Stars

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