Tips on building and growing your email list

If you’ve ever lost temporary access to social media, you know how scary it can be to realize that all contacts in your audience could be gone in a moment. That’s why building and growing your email list is essential. When you have an active and engaged email-based community, you have the chance to interact with these people in a more meaningful way. They’re also more likely to purchase your products or services. 

Here’s what I recommend for building and growing your email list.

Lead Magnets and Opt-Ins

A lead magnet is an appealing product or service you give new subscribers in exchange for their email addresses. It’s important to remember that your lead magnet isn’t freeyou’re actually “charging” them their email address, which is extremely valuable. 

An opt-in is the opportunity for others to choose to be on your email list. An opt-in may happen when someone downloads your lead magnet or makes a purchase with you. Just be sure you’re following all GDPR for email marketing sign-ups.

Here are some ideas for great lead magnets currently available in the template section of the ISS library: 

Simply customize one of these lead magnets in Canva with your fonts, content, colors, and logo, and you’ll have a captivating lead magnet that people will want to opt in to receive.

Getting Eyes on Your Offerings

With all the noise on social media, it can be challenging to get eyes on your offerings, whether you provide products or services. The most important aspect of getting people to notice your work is to be clear about what you do.

Be sure your ideal client understands what you do based on social media posts. Ask a trusted friend or someone in the Inspired Stock Shop Private Facebook Group to review your Instagram feed. Can they easily tell what you do? Is it simple to understand the value of your work?

If not, it’s time to hone your message and communicate even more clearly about your work through your writing and visuals. Remember, it’s evident to you what you do, but if other people can’t tell, getting them to notice your offerings will be a challenge.

Attracting the Right Leads

A cohesive brand is essential to attracting the right leads. What emotions do you want to capture in your branding? How do you want people to feel?

Part of lead attraction involves tapping into your ideal clients’ aspirations. So, if they want to make more money, include soulful stock photos of currency and luxurious spaces in your visual branding. If your ideal client wants more peace in their life, select visuals that support that vibe.

As you start attracting new people to your social media and website, ensure you create a positive experience for them. For instance, reaching out to say hi to new followers is a great way to add a personal touch to the experience of being in your community. Don’t try to sell anything to your new followers right off. Instead, simply greet them and try to get to know them.

Likewise, when people contact you via a form on your site, answer them personally. Attracting the right leads starts with creating a welcoming environment for them. When they think about you positively, they’re likely to refer you to their friends, share your posts, and become customers themselves. 

The Best Social Media Platforms for Growing Your Email List

When you’re growing your email list, it’s important to encourage people to sign up for it. Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and the comments section on Facebook and LinkedIn are the best places to include links to your email opt-in.

Use the “Link” sticker in Instagram Stories to include a clickable link to your opt-in. Most users prefer Stories to Feed posts, and including the link in your Stories makes it easy to sign up for your emails. This is also a great way to sell products, courses, and workshops.

On Pinterest, make sure your Pins are easy to read and attractive. Include a link in each Pin to your opt-in so people can access your beautiful lead magnet.

When you use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote your email newsletter, drop your opt-in link into the comments section of your post. Otherwise, both platforms will slow the exposure rate of your post, and reduce the likelihood of engagement.

Did you find this post helpful? If so, send it to a friend and share the love. We’re all in this business-building pursuit together.

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