How to Relax and Receive in Your Business

It’s easy to get caught up in the continual go, go, go of building your business. However, as a spiritual business owner, it’s important to learn how to relax around your business and allow yourself to receive what you need. Here are a few tips that I hope will serve you.

Sometimes, it Takes Time

Experts agree that entrepreneurs are too hard on themselves. We expect to be able to achieve virtually overnight success – even if we try to convince ourselves otherwise. In the beginning, when we’ve just started a business, we’re full of energy and enthusiasm for it. It’s all we can think and talk about.

Over time, we settle into our business a bit more, and that initial enthusiasm wanes – we’ve exited the honeymoon stage of business ownership. This is perfectly normal and should be expected. As we progress, it becomes clear that business ebbs and flows. Sometimes, we’ll be excited about our business, and a launch will go incredibly well. Other times, something doesn’t go as planned. Allow some things to take time. You can’t put your energy into all aspects of your work at once without burning out, after all!

It’s OK to Ask for Help

One of the simplest ways to receive is to ask for help. You are not weak for needing guidance, support, or referrals. You’re actually acting strongly as an advocate for your business when you reach out to others.

Give yourself permission to hire experts, join a community that supports you, or schedule regular meetings with your biz besties to support each other. We grow stronger together. Inspired Stock Shop is an excellent example of a community that can support you – whether you need beautiful visuals for your business or want to bounce ideas off members in our Facebook group.

Put Yourself First

You are the most important asset in your business. Whether you’re a Reiki healer, life coach, astrologer, or beyond, you must take care of yourself. Service-based businesses thrive when the person (or people) offering the service is well-rested, supported, and healthy.

Block time out on your schedule for rest, and lean into those offers of help from your community or team. It’s ok to receive support, rest, and to be your first priority.

When you put yourself first, you can make better decisions about your business, and you can relax into the flow of your work with more ease.

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