4 Benefits of Having a Spiritual Stock Photo Membership for Your Business

Whether you’re just starting or you’ve been running your business for years, having access to a stock photo membership helps support your spiritual business in surprising ways. Rather than just a collection of beautiful photos, Inspired Stock Shop also supports you as a business owner through our engaged community. Read on for four reasons a spiritual stock photo membership can help you build the business of your dreams.

Sometimes Bigger Isn’t Better

Massive stock photo sites provide a wealth of images across industries. This can be a plus, especially for corporate organizations, as the photos have a more corporate, mainstream feel. For spiritual businesses, though, these photos can come across looking staged. It’s also difficult to search the vast databases for the topic you need. For instance, the keyword “meditation” may result in thousands of results. And among those results, it’s likely challenging to find a cohesive brand feel among the images.

When working with a spiritual stock photo library, you know every photograph and video is intentionally created with your type of business in mind. It’s also effortless to search by categories or keywords within your niche on the Inspired Stock Shop site.

A Community to Support You

Soulful business owners need communities of like-minded humans to interact with online. It helps us to feel connected to the world around us. One of the benefits of being a part of a spiritual stock photo membership is the sense of community to the membership. Here at ISS, our members are a part of our private Facebook community, where we host live classes, take members’ suggestions for upcoming collections, and share our wins. 

Content Customized to Your Needs

Another reason to sign up for Inspired Stock Shop’s spiritual stock photo membership is we customize content to your needs. I regularly ask members for their input in creating Canva templates and photo collections. These requests help the ISS team create collateral that you love to use in your social media posts, on your website, or your digital projects.

A Commercial License is Included

Our offerings come with a commercial license included. You can use the images for personal, business, and editorial use without credit. Some of the other big stock photo sites require different licensing fees depending on how you use them. 

We also offer a license for web designers and other businesses who wish to use ISS photos and videos for their clients. 

Inspired Stock Shop gives you more than just pretty photos. In fact, ISS is the only stock photography shop and membership with spiritual and wellness-focused stock photos filled with light and energy for heart-led, purpose-based businesses. 

Our members include yoga instructors, energy healers, astrologers, coaches, metaphysical shops, tarot readers, and more. Join today and get immediate access to thousands of photos, with more added each week, stock videos, and customizable Canva templates.

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