4 Tips For Staying Consistent in Business

How to Stay Consistent During Ups and Downs in Your Business

Much like the tide, our businesses have ebbs and flows. One day, we can feel like we’re at the top of the world; the next day, a challenge derails us, and we feel like we’re not making any progress. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. We have all experienced these ups and downs. Here’s how to stay consistent through it all.

Decide on a Strategy

Here are some tasks that you can decide on doing each day:

  • Taking care of your current clients – this is a daily must-have!
  • Online marketing.
  • Reaching out to potential clients via the DMs.
  • Pitching to the media/podcast owners.
  • Share a client win.
  • Share a valuable tip to showcase your expertise.

While this may not be an extensive list, hopefully, it gets you thinking about the tasks you can do each day. You can also mix and match, doing two on one day and another two the next day, and so forth.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts and Newsletters

One of the best ways to sustain your business during your ups and downs is to schedule your social media posts and newsletters ahead of time. That way, if you’re buried under client work or just need to take a day to reorganize your online systems after something fails, your marketing is still working for you. And your prospective clients will be none the wiser!

Celebrate Little Wins

It’s easy to celebrate the flashy milestones, yet the small victories get us through the day-to-day life of business ownership. Small wins come far more frequently, and honoring those will help you remain optimistic. For example, celebrate it if you figure out how to embed a video on your blog or decide to move to a new, more modern email system. The small wins are just as important as the big ones.

A fun hack is to keep an Accomplishments Journal handy, where you write down all the accomplishments, wins, and bits of praise you receive from clients. This simple gratitude practice will carry you forth on those harder days.

Remember the Positives

Being a business owner comes with challenges, and it also comes with so many benefits. One of those benefits is you get to participate in community outreach and build meaningful relationships with other business owners and your customers. When you hit a challenging patch, reach out to those around you. A community of like-minded business owners is sometimes the difference between being discouraged and being successful. 

If you’re not an Inspired Stock Shop Facebook Community member, join for free here.

Remember that businesses have ups and downs – even giant corporations. So, when your business experiences challenging periods, it’s completely normal. Those wins are just around the corner.

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