5 Keys To Having Stand-Out Branding

When it comes to beautiful stock photographs for spiritual entrepreneurs, we’ve got you covered! Your brand identity includes all the graphics for your company as well as your messaging, captions, and even the name of your business. To help you create a well-rounded branding identity, be sure to follow these key steps.

Focus on clarity

Some spiritual entrepreneurs find it challenging to condense their work down to a sentence or two. This is essential when creating an overall brand, as it helps you stay focused when creating content. Your logo, graphics, and images should provide clarity around your work.

Select images that enhance the messages you’re creating in captions, blogs, and newsletters. If possible, avoid more esoteric or spiritual-centered words in your branding…they may confuse people.

Let your brand tell a story

To have a stand-out brand, you should have four to five “pillars” of content. These pillars include topics you regularly post about on your various platforms.

As you decide on your pillars, be sure to include content about your business and yourself. When someone glimpses your social media accounts, they should be able to tell what you post about most often. In this way, your brand is telling the story of your life and work.

Try mixing beautiful stock photos in with personal images of your journal, from your travels, or brainstorming sessions with your team members. Together with beautiful captions, you will create a branding identity that’s uniquely yours!

Be approachable

Being human is approachable while being perfectly polished every day isn’t a reality for most of us. Curating photos that feel authentic, grounded, and completely natural – i.e., not overly posed – can help you create an approachable brand that people can relate to. When your ideal client relates to you, they’ll want to work with you!

Ask why you sell your offerings

Why do you sell your product or service? Of course, we all want to make money, and that’s a big motivator to sell your offerings. Customers often need more motivation to buy from you, though.

As you ask why you’re selling what you do, also ask yourself: What transformation am I providing my customers? Another question to ask is: Why do people enjoy working with me? These two questions will provide you with a wealth of information as you collect images and write captions and blogs about your business.

Make sure you can pass the “pitch” test

When naming your company or an offering, consider how easy it is to pitch it to someone. If you have trouble describing what you offer in less than a couple of sentences, then use this model to help:

I help [client description] achieve [result] so that they [can enjoy a positive outcome/avoid a negative outcome].

Here’s an example: I help busy moms create delicious and healthy freezer meals so they can spend more time doing the things they love.

A brand identity description like this will definitely pass the pitch test and help people remember what you do!

We hope this post gave you some insight and inspiration in creating your branding. If you’re a spiritual woman entrepreneur we invite you to check out the Inspired Stock Shop Membership. Not only do you gain access to thousands of beautiful and unique stock photos, canva templates and stock videos to help you with your branding, but you also become a member of our soulful community, full of women like you who are ready to support you in your business!

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