Our Top Tips for using Stock Photos

Have you ever found yourself staring at the screen, wondering which stock photos to use for your business and marketing? Maybe you’ve fallen in love with a few of our photos and have no idea how to use them. We’re here to help! Read on for some ideas about using stock photos on social media, your website, and beyond.

Use Photos That Express Your Brand

One of the most obvious uses for stock photography in your business is on social media. Having a well-branded presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter can help customers and clients easily identify your small business. Here are some ways to use stock photos in your digital marketing:

  • Photos with white or clean backgrounds are great for quotes. 
  • Combine graphics and pictures for a unique collage effect that catches the eye.
  • Search for stock photography that reflects your brand colors and brand mood. (If you’re a member of Inspired Stock Shop, you can search photos by keywords and filter by colors.)
  • Add video elements in Canva or Instagram Stories to bring still photos to life.
  • Get creative with the seasons and allow your photos to reflect the change with each new season.

Source all of your stock photos from the same photography library or team  to ensure the mood of your digital marketing stays as consistent as possible. It will save you hours of time searching!

Think Like Your Customers

It’s easy to think about your digital marketing only from your point of view. However, it’s important to remember you’re speaking to your customers and clients. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” so think about what your photos are saying to your customers. After all, consistent imagery communicates trust and reliability. 

Bright colors communicate vibrancy, excitement, and action. Softer colors are best for communicating a sense of peace, meditation, and even romance. Use darker, richer colors to add weight to your message. Conversely, lighter colors and white backgrounds communicate a fresh, modern feel.

What do you want your customers to understand about your brand when they visit your social media accounts, website, or read your newsletter? This question will help you pick the best stock photos for your digital marketing. 

Create A Cohesive Brand

No matter where your potential clients and customers encounter your brand, it should have a consistent, cohesive feel. Not only does it help with brand recognition, but it also helps them recommend your brand to others because they clearly understand what you do. 

Hint: Use photos from the same Inspired Stock Shop collection on your website, in eBooks and worksheets, and on your social media platforms to create this consistent feel. Add one or two stock photos to your email newsletters as well. We all enjoy a beautiful image to look at, and this small addition can reinforce what your words are saying.

We hope these tips help make using stock photos in your digital marketing campaigns easier. If you’re a spiritual woman entrepreneur, check out the Inspired Stock Shop Membership. You’ll gain immediate access to over 4,000 beautiful and unique stock photos, fully organized to help you find the mood, colors, and message that are perfect for your business. 

We also provide a wide assortment of Canva templates and stock videos to enhance your brand. When you join, you’ll also become a member of our soulful community, full of like-minded women ready to support you in your business!

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