5 Ways to Add the Magic of the Elements to Your Social Media Accounts

Spiritual business owners are different, and we should know! Inspired Stock Shop is led by a soulful, intuitive team who understand that strategy and spirit are equally important in the day-to-day operations of a soulful business.

To help you bring more spirituality into your social media feeds, we’ve created a helpful guide to adding Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit elements to your feed.

Read on for ideas on how to add each element to your digital marketing plan for a well-rounded and compelling experience for your ideal client.


Air is the element of life and breath. Without air, we wouldn’t be here. Air is also the elemental embodiment of movement and change. Of the four physical elements, it’s the only one we can’t see – we can only see the effect of this element as it moves through space. 

Images that capture the sunrise and sunset, birds flying in the air, and trees in the wind are perfect for adding a bit of air magic to your feed. Posts that focus on travel, study, freedom, and knowledge resonate with the air element so think about how you can focus on these subjects if you lack some light, airy magic.

Since sound waves move through the air, sound healing, singing bowls, and bells can all be used to represent the air. So too can cleansing videos like this one:


Earth represents fertility and nurturing. We call it Mother Earth, after all, and this element embodies stability and grounding. 

Images of forests, mountains, stones, and succulents represent earth energy. When added to your feed, these images will create a grounded, safe feeling for the viewer. We’re naturally drawn to the greens, browns, and yellows of the earth, and these images will stop the scroll for a longer look. 

Accompany them with practical advice, and you’ve got posts that resonate beautifully with the earth element.

Bring even more of the earth element to your marketing with fresh food images or videos. Since fruits and vegetables come from the earth, a post about a new recipe, tips for eating vegan, or a quote focused on the joy of cooking can bring the magic of earth to your audience.


There are many reasons why humans have engaged in fire rituals for centuries. Fire is full of passion: it creates and destroys. It can bring warmth or purification. Fire is the only element that must consume something to exist, and when it does, it transforms that matter into something else. 

Sometimes it’s smoke, other times it’s heat or light.

A little fire is good for all of us. Add some to your feed with images of fire pits, candles, or lanterns. These images are perfect for posts about motivation, strength, banishing negativity, overcoming obstacles, and physical or mental passion. Consider adding a video element for even more movement and engagement in your feed.


Water is cooling, cleansing, healing, and peaceful. From dew drops at sunrise to the downpour of a thunderstorm, water gives life and leaves nature feeling refreshed. Water also carries the essence of love, which, like water, is essential to our lives.

The moon resonates with the magic of water, as the moon and tides are linked closely to one another. Posts that help your audience understand how to work with the moon will invite the water element into your feed. You can also use some of the beautiful stock videos of the ocean included in our collection, to add another dimension to your content.


Finally, the fifth element, spirit, bridges the physical world with the spiritual one. The Inspired Stock Shop library includes a wealth of spiritual stock photography. We have photos for meditation, mindfulness, and self-care. Other images capture healing sessions, spiritual rituals, healthy living, fitness, essential oils, and more. With so many different stock photos to choose from, our community is perhaps the best representation of the spirit element. Inside, we support one another, inspire others, and learn together.

We hope these ideas inspire you to bring more of the elements into your feed for a well-rounded, intentional look. 

Join us by becoming a member today! Inspired Stock Shop is the only stock photography shop and membership with spiritual and wellness-focused stock photos filled with light and energy for heart-led, purpose-based businesses. 

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