Inspired Stock Shop Member Spotlight: Joanna Choncer

We love seeing how our members use our images and content in their business, as well as learning about their unique offerings and gifts.

This month we are featuring ISS member Joanna Choncer, creator of the ReAlign Academy an online spiritual course to help women reach their full potential.

Tell me about your business. What do you do and what do you specialize in?

I am a Visibility Coach. I am a Functional Nutritional Therapist (DipION, mBANT, CNHC), Certified Life Coach, Silent Counselling®, and a Theta Healing® Practitioner.

I help women spot, embrace, and release the blocks that hold them back from divinely expressing themselves and their purpose.

By blending thorough nutritional science with deep energy healing and mindset work, I help them heal and realign their body with their inner wisdom and power, so that they can finally thrive confidently in business and life. Without sacrificing their health or personal life.

My mission is to empower women to reach their ultimate health and full potential through mastering the laws of the Universe and tapping into the infinite magic that lies within them.

How do you use the images from your membership in your business?

I use the images from the membership on my social media, my programs, my website, and email communications.

Do you have any favorite images or collections from the stock library?

Soothe the Soul and Earthy Escape are my favorites.

What’s next? Have you recently launched something or have any big plans for your business that you’d like to share?

I have recently launched my ReAlign Academy, an online spiritual course platform for female soul-led entrepreneurs who are looking to elevate their health, confidence, and visibility and reach full potential by reprogramming their limiting beliefs and aligning themselves to their intuition.

That sounds wonderful!

You can learn more about Joanna on her website and follow her on Instagram or connect with her in her Facebook Group.

See how Joanna uses Inspired Stock Shop images on her website:

Some of Joanna’s favorite collections:

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