How to Pivot & Adapt in changing times

To say that the entire world has had to learn to adapt this past year is a huge understatement. Coming upon the one year mark of COVID-19 resulting in a worldwide lockdown is surreal. We have all had to change how we go about our everyday lives. 

With the immense growth in the online space, Inspired Stock Shop has had a wonderful year of growth and while that is so amazing, we find we are constantly navigating how to pivot and adapt to change as it comes. 

If you are in the same boat, we just want to say we understand and we have a few things we have learned along the way that may help you on the journey!  

Trust Your Gut 

When you feel all over the place and like making decisions for the future may be hard, the one thing you can always lead with is your own intuition.

Quiet the noise, get in a quiet space, and ask yourself exactly what the best decision to make will be. You already know the right thing to do, now ask your intuition to guide you to the best possible path.

How many times do we all say the phrase, “I should’ve trusted my gut feeling.”?

There will be times in business that things feel overwhelming. You may be experiencing growth quickly or not experiencing it at all. No matter which side of the spectrum you are on, you will have to learn to lead with your intuition and show up.

This may be a specific way to handle your growing business or a new strategy to try in order to attract the right clients. Whatever it may be, if you feel overwhelmed or unsure of what to do, always start with yourself.

You already know. Clear the noise. Trust yourself. 

Position Your Perspective 

One thing that we all have complete control over is our perspective. This doesn’t mean to turn every negative situation into a positive situation when you’re feeling terrible.

This is all about positioning.

How is every obstacle that comes your way an opportunity to position you to grow, to learn something, or to make a positive change in the right direction?

Everything in life is an opportunity to position our perspective to point towards our highest good. 

For example, say you receive an unexpected bill in the mail that feels extremely overwhelming. The thoughts race through your head, “How will I pay this? How is this fair? What am I gonna do?” These are normal. 

Now let’s position them.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to see the universe conspire on my behalf to make it possible to pay this with ease. I am thankful for inspiration, new customers, and creative ideas to make more money. I am grateful to pay bills because it shows how blessed I really am. Anything is possible.”

See how you positioned a negative situation towards a positive outcome? This truly works in shifting the reality of your circumstances. Try it if you haven’t! 

Choose Flow Over Force 

Stop trying to force things that aren’t working. This does not mean to stop working hard. This means to stop doing things that are making you hate your work.

For a lot of business owners, this usually means to invest in help so that you can do things that you love within your business. So if you hate admin work and it’s taking up a ton of your time and getting you out of “flow”, then it’s probably an indicator to hire a great VA to assist you and take on the tasks that take up your time and do not profit your business.

Invest in help to increase your growth. Stay in flow and stop forcing yourself to wear every hat. This could also apply to ideas you may have that feel in sync but you’re getting outside advice that doesn’t feel aligned with your vision.

Don’t force the opinions of others to fit within your business. Stay in flow. Again, trust your gut and your intuition. Flow over force. Always.

Stay In Community 

This past year has made it harder than ever to be around other humans. We need human connection. Medical studies have shown that it literally keeps people alive to interact with other humans starting from the time we are newborn babies. 

Make it a goal to stay connected to others who inspire you, make you laugh, always offer great advice and support, give you loving and constructive honesty to your blind spots, and make you feel lifted after every conversation.

This can be in the form of a great mentor, your mom, your sister, your best friend, your business partner, the list goes on. If you don’t have anyone that fits this role, it’s time to connect with others in the online space! You can find great communities via Instagram, Facebook Groups, MeetUp virtual events, and blog forums on niche topics. 

It’s so important to have others around you that inspire you to keep showing up and doing your work while also reminding you of how awesome you are.

If you feel like you don’t “attract” these types of people, start by simply being this person. Look for ways to uplift others, find great partnerships, and be a great resource to the people around you.

Don’t Be Afraid To Play

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to play and have fun! Seriously. You can’t have business and no pleasure. You need to tap into your inner child and make sure that life is FUN!

Get outside, go buy a new crystal at your local shop, stock up on cute office supplies, spend time with people you love, take a drive to a place you love, read a book that has nothing to do with self-education, take a bath, do that yoga routine that you love, whip out your paint set and paint away, go buy a new plant….As you can see, this list goes on and on.

No matter what it is. PLAY. Have fun with life! There is so much good around all of us. Yes, even in the midst of a pandemic. Make it a priority to do things that make you feel alive. This will help all areas of your life. 

We understand that changing times can be scary and overwhelming, but we want to remind you that you are here on purpose. Your life has deep meaning and the ability to greatly impact the world around you.

You are capable. You are magical.

Your world is a better place when you are free to express your gifts freely. 

We believe in you and want you to know we are here for you! We would love to hear how you’ve pivoted and adapted during this past year. Tag us in a post on IG with one of our photos from the library and your own personal story. We are excited to read and to share!

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