Our Top 8 Workspace Stock Photo Collections

Here at ISS, we are obsessed with an inspirational workspace! We love that there is no one way to have an aligned workspace and how colors, crystals, computers, iPads, plants, coffee mugs, candles, and momentos alike can truly transform the spaces we use to put our best foot forward in our work. 

In celebration of the feminine workspace, we are sharing 8 of our favorite workspace stock photo collections that are within the library.

We hope these photos inspire you to make your workspace aligned and truly connected to your soul while giving you stock photos photos that connect you to your clients.

1. Muted Earth Tones

Our Muted Earth Tones Collection is a favorite with it’s earthy neutral tones and variety of mock ups. Browse the collection here.

2. Mindful Dreams

Our Mindful Dreams Collection is another favorite specifically for spiritual entrepreneurs with it’s lavender & purple color palette, plenty of crystals, moon props & journals. Browse to shop.

3. Modern CEO

Our Modern CEO collection is clean & bright and features 2 models networking over coffee & a podcast. Browse here.

4. Pretty Pink

Our Pretty Pink Collection is for all lovers of pink and who doesn’t love that moon mug? It also features a podcast mic & plenty of space for text. Browse here.

5. Star Struck

For all the cosmic lovers this navy blue collection features stars, moons, incense, mala beads & various coffee mugs all with a snowy backdrop. Evoke your cosmic senses here.

6. Turquoise & Pink

This beach themed turquoise & light pink collection features shells, sea glass, pampas grass, candles & tech mock ups with a lovely feminine feel. Browse here.

7. Goal Setting

Our Goal Setting collection features a women journaling & working in an outdoor setting, with a light pink & pastel color palette. Browse here.

8. Zen Workspace

This gorgeous purple inspired workspace collection is a top favorite with members and features lots of crystals, a buddha head, flowers, a cosmic backdrop, candles & mala beads. Shop this collection here.

Thank you for being a part of this community and continuing to inspire us with the way you use these photos everyday! We are so honored to provide visual content that is aligned and connected to your brand. 

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