Inspired Stock Shop Member Spotlight: Morgan Moss

We love seeing how our members use our images and content in their business, as well as learning about their unique offerings and gifts.

This month we are featuring ISS member Morgan Moss, owner of Inked Goddess Creations, an online metaphysical store that specializes in unique witchcraft and spiritual supplies.

Tell me about your business. What do you do and what do you specialize in?

I own an online retail metaphysical store that specializes in unique witchcraft and spiritual supplies. We also have an affordable monthly subscription box, the Inked Goddess Creations Box, that delivers magick directly to your door each month. I also guide an online witchy membership community, Inked Spirit, with monthly magickal classes and activities for witches from beginner to seasoned.

How do you use the images from your membership in your business?

Oh man, I use them for everything, lol. Social media images, on my website, for discussion topics in my online community, for blog posts. I even recently made a motivational TikTok using them.

Do you have any favorite images or collections from the stock library?

Rituals and Reflections quickly became a favorite collection of mine. I also like the Energy Healing and Sound Healing collections, too.

What’s next? Have you recently launched something or have any big plans for your business that you’d like to

Halloween into Christmas is our biggest time of year, so we have some amazing exclusive products coming up for that. We will also be re-opening our Witchy Advents in October, which are a fun way to countdown to Yule. We’re the only company that’s been doing them for years now, and the advents contain 21 individually boxed items for you to open one per day, starting on December 1st, and ending on the Winter Solstice.

What a treat?!

You can find out more about Morgan on her website, or connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

See how Morgan uses Inspired Stock Shop images on her website:

Some of Morgan’s favorite collections:

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