Creative Ways to Integrate Masculine & Feminine Energy Into Your Social Media

The Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine exist in us all. Conveying a sense of balance between the two in your social media feed communicates trust, confidence, and soulfulness to your audience because there’s something there for everyone to relate to. 

Our collection of stock photos includes a growing number of men participating in soulful activities, which I’m excited to feature here. I also pulled some of my favorite images representing the Divine Masculine and Feminine. You can download all of these soulful stock photos as an Inspired Stock Shop member.

Divine Masculine Qualities

The Divine Masculine is strong and assertive. When you’re making decisions with confidence and logic, your inner Divine Masculine is hard at work. Fire and air are both considered masculine elements too.

Action shots are perfect for representing the Divine Masculine in your social media feed. Here are some of my favorite stock photos that communicate a sense of action:

The Divine Masculine is also caring and protective. One of the sweetest ways to show these characteristics is through soulful stock photos of men interacting with other people.

This image of a real-life couple is a beautiful example of that:

I also adore this sweet picture from the ‘Magic of Christmas’ Collection featuring a father and son:

Divine Feminine Qualities

The Divine Feminine is compassionate, collaborative, and creative. This side of us wants to experience the world through the senses and intuition. Water and earth are feminine elements, and anything that flows can represent this energy.

Soulful stock photos representing movement and flow are a beautiful way to incorporate the Divine Feminine into your feed.

Representing both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

I love combining both of these sacred energies in one photo. It creates such beautiful balance and harmony.

For instance, in this photo, the fiery orange of her dress against the cool teal of his bracelet balance the elements beautifully.

For a more formal work setting, the ‘Brand Building’ Collection features a group of two men and two women working together in various scenes.

This is a great, collaborative image to consider for your social media feeds:

Of course, the ‘Morning Song’ Collection is the perfect balance of the two. I love this image because it suggests both movement and stillness between the couple:

Let me know which of these photos you love the most!

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