Member Spotlight: Cynthia Davidson

We love seeing how our members use our images and content in their business, as well as learning about their unique offerings and gifts.

This month, we are featuring ISS member Cynthia Davidson, founder of Intuitive Essentials, who is an Intuitive Guide, Energy Worker, and Mindful Mentor, with a few degrees and certifications.

Tell me about your business. What do you do and what do you specialize in?

Intuitive Essentials provides empowering tools to support you on your wellness journey and to guide you in living and leading by your unique design. Current offerings include virtual one-on-one sessions for Emotion Release & Body Balancing based on the emotion code and the body code, Human Design readings, Career & Business by Design offerings, and customized workshops.

How do you use the ISS images from your membership in your business?

I use the images I have access to through the membership mainly as background for social media posts, stories, and on my website. My designer loves using them as a base to keep things closer to brand. It’s tough to find images to support spiritually based businesses and ISS does a great job of providing them.

Do you have any favorite ISS collections?

Wow! That’s a tough question. I truly love so many of the collections and types of images. I’d have to say the ability to conduct keyword searches and filter based on colors makes finding what I need in the moment so easy.

What’s next? Have you recently launched something or have any big plans for your business that you’d like to share?

I’m launching an HD Pathfinder, my version of a human design blueprint focused on actionable aspects of your unique chart and self-care tailored to your energy type.

I conduct human design readings for individuals, partners, families, and some animals.

I’m also now conducting Career Design Overviews as part of a broader suite a Career & Business by Design services.

My new body code certification skills will be rolled into my energy work as Emotion Release & Body Balancing.

And, I’m developing a Realign bootcamp to assist others in managing their energy/vibe.

Where can our readers find you?




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