Mystic River


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Misty morning light filters through the trees, and the distant mountains loom on the horizon in the Mystic River Collection. This collection is a study of all of nature’s beauty, from the grand to the small. Towering pine trees and breath-taking mountain ranges capture your wonder and the pebbles shot underwater in clean, fresh water remind us of all the gifts the natural world offers. One of our favorite parts of this collection of stock photos is the tranquil stone bridge that stretches across the river. It’s so picturesque that it almost looks like a painting.

The collection’s palette is a beautiful mix of green, gold, and brown, making it an excellent addition to a brand with these hues. You’ll find yourself captivated by the colors of the sunset, the mist among the trees, and the ripples of the sunlight across the water, and so will your audience. The orientation of many of these photos makes them well-suited for quotes on social media – just add some text on top, and they’re ready to use.

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