The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Join A Stock Photo Membership

If you’re already part of a stock membership community, then you already understand how valuable a stock photo membership is. For those on the fence who are considering joining our community or another online stock photo community, we want to dive into some of the ways our members here at Inspired Stock Shop have found tremendous value in their memberships.

We hope this inspires you to take the leap to level up your visual branding or to join a community where you will be inspired and supported as you run your business!

Staying On-Brand Is Essential

When you choose your photos from the same photographer and brand, it makes it easy to choose photos that keep you on brand in your own business. Our members give testimonials daily that our photos keep them on brand and we make this happen very intentionally.

Our editing is consistent, our photos are mindfully curated, and each collection is planned in advance with each time of year in mind for our community. Our whole mission is to keep you on brand and your audience connected to you

Your Photos Won’t Be Generic

When you decide to join a smaller community that is not free to the public, you also gain the exclusivity of the content. You will not find these photos all over the internet and being used as free stock photos. We prioritize making our photos look as down to earth, soulful, and human as possible very intentionally. We want our community to be able to use and post anything and it looks professional while also being relatable to their audience.

We specialize in creating photos for spiritual women entrepreneurs. When looking for the right membership, it is important to make sure the community focuses on who your audience is, your mission, and that the photos are not generic. The goal is always connection and community EVEN while using stock photos within your online presence. 

You Will Save A Lot Of Money

Instead of hiring a photographer, purchasing an expensive camera, paying for the hours, buying the props, renting out the perfect setting, hiring the models, and editing all of the photos…you are hiring a professional brand to do all of this for you and more at a FRACTION of the cost.

Larger online stock photo companies like Shutterstock also charge a hefty amount for their photo purchasing packages and cost per photo. We created Inspired Stock Shop to give spiritual women entrepreneurs a shortcut and easy and affordable way to access beautiful images for their brand. Our library is full of thousands (yes, thousands. No exaggeration here.) of photos specifically for this community.

We LOVE helping women build beautiful brands while saving a LOT of money!

You Gain More Time 

Having time to run a business is of the essence when you’re an entrepreneur. Wearing every hat can be easier when you are part of communities providing visual content every week for you. You save hours and hours finding images to post on social media or to add to your website or to use for marketing collateral and can spend your extra time investing in your money-making activities and passions

You Gain Community & Inspiration

Most memberships come with access to others within the community. We host a Facebook group for our members so they can share ideas and what they’re creating with our photos! We also share and repost how our members are using the photos on Instagram. We love to see community and ideas being inspired amongst those who are so invested in our community.

We hope this post gave you insight and inspiration to take the leap and join a stock photo membership community that will fill all of your visual content needs. If you are a women entrepreneur with a lot of soul, we invite you to check out the Inspired Stock Shop membership!

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