Why custom stock photography is a must have for your business

The photos you choose to display on your website, your social channels, or any of your marketing materials are a powerful branding tool for your business and your brand. Not only can they speak to your audience without using words but they provide aesthetically-pleasing visuals that help to convey your brand’s authentic and unique message.  

Custom photos in particular help your brand stand out from the competition and provide business owners with beautiful visual content that takes their brand to the next level by looking legitimate and professional. Not convinced yet? Here are my top 8 reasons why you should get custom stock images for your business.

1. You sell specific or unique products

Unfortunately, you can’t just pop a stock image photo on your website if you sell specific products or offers. Your audience wants to see images of the actual products you sell (preferably in action). You want photos that reflect both your unique brand and your unique products. 

2. You want compelling imagery

Beautiful, on-brand photos add depth, richness, and quality to your business’ online space. Whether you’re an online yoga instructor, a health coach, or sell essential oils you want compelling imagery that conveys your unique brand message. Make sure you use images that capture what makes your brand authentic and helps you stand out from the crowd.

3. You don’t want to DIY your brand images

Not every business owner has a photography studio, equipment, or the skills and experience to whip out beautiful branded images for their business. That’s where brand photographers like me come in handy. Why waste your time and energy, only to get frustrated and stressed, when you can get the exact images you are looking for by hiring out a brand photographer?

4. You want on-brand imagery

You can certainly find stock images that closely match your brand colors, vibe, and overall feel. But why settle for close matches when you can have exclusive, completely on-brand images expertly curated to represent your business? 

I’ve seen too many business owners choose beautiful images that don’t actually fit their brand. Sure, these images may look fabulous on your website or Instagram. But when they don’t match your brand, they are only confusing your audience and making your website or social channel look streamlined – which is definitely not what you want. 

Always, always look for images with your brand style and colors top of mind. Or invest in custom stock photography – which is specifically created and curated to reflect your unique brand!

5. You want your brand to stand out

Stock images are a great resource for new business owners who don’t have the budget to hire a brand photographer just yet. But as soon as you’re able, I recommend investing in branded images that are unique to you and your brand. Whether it’s through a paid stock image subscription or custom brand photography, having images that are unique to your business help you stand out online. 

6. You want to show your audience that you’re invested in your business

The more stock images you use from popular stock photo sites, the more likely your audience will recognize the image – because they use the same site, too.  When you use free stock images, you are subconsciously indicating to your audience that you’re not willing to invest in your business. 

If you’re not willing to invest in your business, what else aren’t you willing to invest in? Dynamic, psychological thought processes play a big part in branding! Custom stock images can help you avoid being subconsciously roped into this assumption by your audience. Investing in your business can start with custom images that are made specifically for your brand.

7. You don’t have time to waste

Searching through the endless supply of free stock images can be exhausting and time-consuming. Even paid stock sites have a never-ending supply of images and not all of them will be on-brand for your business. Sorting through these photos takes time that you probably don’t have. 

You want images that are made to directly reflect your brand’s visuals, colors, and vibe. Custom stock photo packages provide you with a set number of photos that are quite literally made for your brand. Meaning they are unique and one of a kind. 

Custom brand photos for Danielle Searancke, based off her brand board.

8. You don’t want to deal with legalities

Most stock photos are copyrighted, which means there is a restriction on the use of the images. The copyright on images gets complicated quickly – not to mention expensive if you get caught using them illegally. Pay attention to where you can legally use images and whether or not you can edit the photo to fit your brand. 

I always encourage business owners to triple check the usage rights of the images they are buying from paid stock sites because each photographer will have different guidelines and restrictions. I include information on my copyright requirements on my FAQ page.

To avoid this nightmare completely, you can invest in custom stock photography. Not only do you get images that are curated for your brand, but you can cover your legal basis and use these photos worry-free. I think this makes the investment well worth it.

Wait, so what is custom stock photography?

Custom stock photography is creatively curated photos that are made with your unique brand in mind. 

Whether you are just starting your business or growing your empire, my Custom Stock Photography Packages can help you save time and money with a custom library full of professionally-composed photos so that you can attract your dream clients and bring in more sales. It’s time to ditch the DIY and let’s bring your brand to life.

If you sell high ends products or have a brand with a holistic, spiritual or wellness feel and want bright, light, and airy imagery to reflect this, check out my Custom Stock Photography Packages so you can take your business to the next level! 

How Danielle is using her custom stock photos in her business

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