Beautiful Stock Photos for Ostara

Ostara is one of the eight Sabbats represented in the Wheel of the Year. It falls on the Spring Equinox and is named in honor of the ancient goddess Eostre, who represents spring. While Easter and Ostara coincide seasonally, they are not the same holiday. Yet, they do share much of the same imagery. For instance, eggs and bunnies play a central role in both. I’ve pulled some examples from the ISS library that will help you celebrate Ostara and the coming of spring.

To start, we now have an Ostara Blessings stock photo collection which offers a wealth of inspiration for the season.

The crisp palette of yellow, pink, forest green, and soft gray-white give this palette a vibrant feel. Use these images for the various springtime observances or for advertising egg hunts or decorating contests. The floral images are perfect for quote backgrounds, while the gemstone stock photos can be used for blogs, newsletters, and beyond. 

The daffodil, lily, and rose are traditionally associated with Ostara. Moonstone and Rose Quartz are beautiful gemstones that resonate with the Sabbat, and observers also make Hot Cross Buns as a traditional Ostara food. It’s also a great time to plant an herb garden. Here are some other stock photos in our library that are perfect for this time of year.

As the days grow longer and warmer, I hope that you feel inspired to stretch your creativity.

The Ostara Blessings Collection joins our Imbolc Collection as the second of six Sabbat-themed stock photo collections to be released this year. Stay tuned for more!

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