Cacao Ceremony Collection

Step into the sacred with the Cacao Ceremony Collection. This traditional ceremonial ritual hails from Mexico, and our beautiful subjects are not models, but women engaged in the ritual as these stock photos were taken. A dreamy chocolate-based palette features pops of bright blue and gold for a vibrant and earthy collection.

Images include the preparation of the cacao, sisters gathering in a circle together, and beautiful blessing moments. These images will help you showcase the beauty and heart-opening moments of your own cacao ceremonies without having to hire a photographer to attend your sessions. They are also a gorgeous way to promote your events. Use them in marketing your ceremonies, on Pinterest to catch the attention of potential clients, or on your blog.

Here are some ideas on how to use these images:

  • create Facebook posts to share your upcoming retreat
  • showcase the beauty of sacred rituals
  • educate your clients on the benefits of cacao
  • promote your ceremonial and ritual offerings

View the entire collection below, as well as more inspirational and uplifting photos, like our Sisterhood Circle Collection:

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