Magical Ways to Capture the Divine Feminine in Your Branding

Bringing the divine feminine into your branding is a beautiful way to express your heart-centered nature. The divine feminine is flowing, collaborative, creative, intuitive, and soulful. If you want to include these vibes in your branding, keep reading! 

Include Water and Earth 

The elements of water and earth are considered to be feminine, while air and fire are masculine. Images that epitomize the feminine elements can serve as reminders of the natural divinity of femininity.

Vessels of water, lush scenery and vibrant blossoms are lovely subjects to search for in your stock photos. Mix these images with glowing candles and swirls of incense smoke for a balanced and beautiful mood.

Incorporate Movement

There’s a flow to the divine feminine, so any images that capture that flow will also help reinforce your brand’s feminine energy. For example, stock photos of swaying branches moving in the wind, silky streams of smoke from an incense stick, and circular patterns suggest movement even in still images.

We also have a variety of video clips in the ISS library that naturally convey this sense of movement!

Embrace Feminine Colors

Select colors that evoke the divine feminine. These colors include the colors of the Root and Sacral Chakras – deep reds and vibrant oranges. You can also incorporate more traditionally feminine colors such as pink and lavender for a softer vibe. 

Another choice is to combine the two and create a sensual combination of pinks, reds, and black, such as the images featured in on this page illustrate.

Include Real Women

Our divine feminine is a natural, beautiful essence. There are many images of real women dancing on the beach, coming together in ceremony, practicing yoga, working with singing bowls, and more in the Inspired Stock Shop library. I am pleased to share images of women from diverse backgrounds and varying body types in our stock photo collections. These unique women exemplify divine feminine energy.

How do you like to incorporate femininity into your brand? 

All of the images in this post are from the Custom Stock Photo Shoot I completed for Delphine Rose, an intuitive channel, healer, and teacher. She teaches various classes on the Divine Feminine, especially the priestess lineage of the Rose with Mary Magdalene as Guide. She also works with the Goddess Isis and the Egyptian Mysteries. 

Interested in your own Custom Stock Photos? Explore options and view the projects I have already completed here.

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