Our Top Collections of 2021

Have you ever wondered what our top collections and downloads are? I certainly did, so in my review of 2021, I made a list of your favorites: the collections you downloaded the most, your favorite individual photos, and the templates that received the most downloads. Let’s review 2021 together!

Our Most-Loved Collections from 2021

Below are our top 10 stock photo collections based on members’ downloads. I’m so pleased with this list as these are some of my favorite collections from the year as well.

Crystal Sanctuary

Crystal lovers adored this collection’s interplay of light and shadow with some of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

Sisterhood Circle

This collection captured members’ love for sacred, soulful gatherings of women.

Holiday Magic

Warm family holidays, sparkling glasses of champagne and the soft glow of winter made this collection a year-end favorite.

Blush & Burgundy Fall

The homey feel of this collection helped our members express their love of autumn without using traditional orange and black imagery.


Members were drawn to the freeing spirit infused in this eclectic collection celebrating the Harvest Moon.

Sea, Sun & Air

This collection was a favorite for ISS members because it’s so versatile for background images, social media quotes, websites, and beyond.

Rituals & Reflections

Our witchy members adored this collection, which combines light and dark for a balanced and magical visual experience.

Manifest Abundance

Goal tracking sheets and multiple flat lays combine with encouragement and glowing candles to bring the best of the spiritual and material worlds together in this loved collection.

Mystic River

This collection is a study of nature’s beauty from the grand to the small and captured members’ hearts with its river and sunset images.

Soul Spiritual

ISS members enjoyed this collection’s lively vibe and joyous photos that perfectly capture the senses and sisterhood. 

Our Most Downloaded Individual Photos

Incense Burning Stock Photo from the Unwind Collection

A Beautiful Floral Milk Bath from the Sensual Self-Care Collection

A Magical Book from the Holiday Magic Collection

Sisters in Ceremony from the Sisterhood Circle Collection

‘Trust Your Soul’ from the Soul Spiritual Collection

This Gorgeous Collection of Crystals from the Crystal Sanctuary Collection

A Portrait of the Moon from the Lunar Nights Collection

Our Most-Loved Canva Templates

My mission with Inspired Stock Shop goes beyond providing you with inspirational, soulful stock photos for your spiritual business. I also want to help you build your business. So with that desire in mind, I create customizable Canva Templates for spiritual business owners. Here were members’ favorites from 2021.

Challenge Workbook

A 25-page workbook to host your next challenge. This template allows you to easily duplicate pages to expand to more pages and change out colors, fonts, and images.


Instagram Posts

Twelve fun and elegant posts for Instagram that include simple quotes or tips to engage your viewers.


Lead Magnet Template

A simple 5-page lead magnet template for your freebie or opt-in. Like all of our workbook templates, you can duplicate the pages to expand your lead magnet.


Moon Phases Templates

This collection of square moon phase Canva templates showcases the moon as its shape changes according to its position in orbit. These make perfect posts as-is and can be customized by changing the background, text, and fonts.


Facebook Group Posts

This set of 10 templates helps you create beautiful and engaging posts for your Facebook Group. Customize them to your community and brand.


Goal Setting Guide Workbook

A 20-page workbook that includes pages for setting goals, writing out your big vision, affirmations, a bucket list, quotes, dreams, reflections, a gratitude list, weekly planning, and habits.


When you become a member of Inspired Stock Shop, you gain immediate access to these collections, stock photos, and Canva templates. Collections update weekly and there are thousands of stock photos for spiritual, heart-led business owners just like you.

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